A UFO In High Speed Passes Ryanair Jet

Ryan Air UFO

A passenger on board Boeing 737 appears to record on video a small black object that passes the plane’s wing at very high speed, leaving a dark smoke trail.

The videographer of the apparent close encounter said that the pilot had to maneuver hard to avoid the unidentified flying object, which was deemed hostile.

According to the report, the footage was taken from the inside of a Ryanair flight from Holland to Spain. Lions Ground UFO group published the video to YouTube. Member Heathcliff said that a Dutch passenger caught a UFO on video while on board the airbus.

The passenger had no intention to record any strange activity as she only wanted to take a shot at the view she enjoyed. After four minutes of recording, the UFO event took place.

According to the witness’ report, she heard a lot of noise from the engines and the pilot made a sudden maneuver. The UFO allegedly put the aircraft in danger, and a lot of panics was on that plane.

Conspiracy theorist, Heathcliff, said that the object travelled too fast to be a bird.

The video has garnered over 100,000 views since being uploaded on Tuesday. It came out after the discovery of a little alien creature on a river bank that baffled Russian scientists.

According to the report, two residents next to the River Kovashi found the alien corpse with a skull in the Russian town of Sosnovy on Sunday.

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  1. very interesting. I wanted to suggest you, to translate what you write in this great page in Italian too. many people are interested argument but do not understand English and must use the automatic translator. excuse translation errors. thank you

  2. Chris sorry to burst your bubble but where in the story does it say it that this video was taken on. September 8th it doesn’t. You don’t have to accept it just read.

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