Video Shows Moments before Car Crash Incident: UFO or Not?


From nearly day one of the modern eras, an Unidentified Flying Object has been associated and clouded with all sorts of conspiracy theories. Of course, these principles include official censorship and deliberate cover-ups of information and releases of disinformation (red herrings). However, is this car crash incident footage not included in the rule? In the footage that have gone viral, a 60-year-old man died after the incident where he collided with a motorist because of one mysterious object. No, the strange object did not kill them in a direct manner, but only distracts them, which made the two victims clashed. Following a road traffic accident in Izhevsk, Russia, the passengers were severely injured. This happened on 18th September 2015.

The dreadful occurrence captured the video of the car behind’s dash-cam. According to the prominent author named Nigel Watson, the odd object is causing this traffic catastrophe was a drone rather than an alien vessel from the outer space spaceship. Since they are incredibly distracting, the author was so surprised that drones do not cause the accidents. The Moon, stars or Venus is mistaken for extraterrestrial creatures by motorists since they follow your vehicle. They appear hiding and reappear from behind trees or buildings. On some occasions, the Moon seems to be a strange extraterrestrial object looking to land nearby the roadside.

Alien sightings are both rare and common. It is uncommon or rare in a sense that it is something not commonly seen in this world. To state it differently, people cannot identify them because they do not belong on the planet earth. They are common in a way that different sightings were being reported on a day to day basis. Whether aliens exist or not, this is a question of fact. What matters most, as of the moment, is the probable cause and circumstantial evidence.

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