Russia’s Secret UFO Files

April 19, 2023 LUFOS 1

Discover Russia’s Secret UFO Files as Corbell & Knapp reveal the truth behind UFOs, paranormal phenomena, and government cover-ups.

6 Jaw-Dropping Russian Mysteries

January 23, 2023 LUFOS 0

Uncover the truth behind mysterious footage of alleged alien corpses, radio transmissions, and unidentified flying objects on the History Channel. Experts weigh in on the evidence, but the verdict is still out. Watch now to join the investigation.

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UFO Crash Lands in Russian Mountains

June 17, 2022 LUFOS 0

Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe aliens might’ve crashed landed in Russia based on mind boggling evidence, in this clip from Season 15, “The Relics of Roswell.”