Former Canadian Chief Of Emergency Measures UFO Confession On Deathbed

Paul Hellyer ufo

Former Canadian Minister of Defence, Paul Hellyer, says that he knows an astonishing story from former Canadian Chief of Emergency Measures. Mr. Hellyer shared the claim to a panel of UFO/alien investigators during the Hearing on ET Disclosure in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

Mr. Hellyer said in jest that he could ask the current chief of emergency measures on the workings of an alien spacecraft.

UFO expert Mr. Hellyer, who claimed to have found proof of alien visitations while in the office, told the panel that he interviewed the previous chief of emergency measures. The former chief, who is now deceased, reportedly told Hellyer that he went to Langley and the CIA asked if he would like to see one of the alien vehicles.

According to Mr. Hellyer, the CIA flew this former chief to Area 51 and allowed him to go inside, observe, and make notes of this UFO.

Conspiracy theorists have long insisted that Area 51 housed evidence of alien visitations on Earth as it secretly held it from the public eye. Among the secret pieces of evidence are the remains of the alleged 1947 Roswell Incident where an apparent UFO crash landed.

Area 51 has long been existing, but the American government denied it for years and only confirmed its existence in 2013.

Mr. Hellyer further revealed that the former chief had to sign an oath of secrecy. During the chief’s life, he kept it secret and did not tell anyone even his wife. However, when he was dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease, he confessed everything about the government UFO secret to Hellyer, who was the Canadian Minister of Defence from 1963 to 1968 and a deputy prime minister in 1969.

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  1. Read Exodus very carefully and you will know the truth and also the Book of Enoch if you can lay your hands on it.

  2. Um…he’s not on his deathbed – I was just in contact with him recently and he’s still very much alive so far as I could tell…

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