Millennium Falcon Look-Alike UFO Spotted In Skies Above New York


A mysterious flying object was spotted in the sky over New York, and witnesses said it was definitely a UFO.

A man and his girlfriend were filming the sky when they accidentally captured a bizarre UFO on camera. The clip shows an alleged craft that has similarities to the Millennium Falcon of the Star Wars franchise.

Based on the description of the footage, the couple was coming home between 9 and 10 in the evening when they noticed a light to their left.

They described the thing as a complete lit surfaced craft. It wasn’t blinking lights, and the entire surface of it was lit up and glowing, they explained.

The video was reportedly recorded on August 4, but only recently it was shared on the Mutual UFO Network.

The man, assumed to be the one who took the footage, can be heard in the video asking his girlfriend of what was the object they just saw. The girl known only by the name Annette replied that she wasn’t sure about it, but confident that no planes fly that low.

They described the object as transparent and were certain it was a UFO watching them. The man said that the shape and the massive size of the object could not be a plane. Annette agreed to his boyfriend.

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  1. “annette agreed to his boyfriend”. love that. and by the way, planes can fly very low! yes this looks wierd for sure. i don’t think it’s a blimp.

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