Camper Captures UFO Over Nevada In Video


Two unidentified flying objects appeared to the view of the witness at Denio in Nevada. The witness was at a campground in northwestern Nevada to set up a campsite shortly after dark on September 24, 2015, when he noticed flashes. It was a clear night when the incident took place, according to the witness.

He said that he turned his head looking to the west after noticing something flashed out the corner of his eye. He then spotted two bright yellow arcs over the hill or mountain.

At first, the witness thought he saw two objects until he realized that it was just one moving so fast and leaving a trail. He saw it making two arcs moving above the mountain, diving and backing up. He pointed out that it was a bright yellow object without flames or jets as the object itself was glowing yellow, which was similar to a spark shooting up out of a fire. He added that the spark was burning and leaving a trail as the UFO shoots up.

nevada-ufo-2016The witness then decided to get his phone inside his truck to get a video of the strange event. When he was all set to record his UFO sighting, he saw a bright orange sphere in the sky to his west, or south of the first object. He tried to videotape the sphere, but it quickly disappeared that he only got a second or two of it. As soon as it vanished, the witness noticed a strange white streak that also disappeared in second.

The first object then made an appearance once more as the white streak faded. It came from behind the hill traveling south, which seemed to be the path of the orange sphere. This time, the bright yellow UFO did not leave a trail. From what he could see through his eyes, the object was a solid yellow. It was zig-zagging and fading from sight.

After watching the video, the witness claimed to have learned more. He said that the video shows an object moving into or out of the bright yellow object. He could not distinguish which way it was going because it was moving so fast. He was able to see in the video that after the yellow object had gone south, it went west away from him.

The witness submitted a report about his sighting to MUFON, and it is filed under case 75146 in the witness reporting database.  The report only includes nine screenshots of the video.

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  1. how can we go by just the story? anyone can detail a story really convincingly. and pictures can be made up. we need videos. if there are no videos, even blatantly fake ones, then they shouldn’t be on here.

    • I sent in the video to a mufon investigator that was on a dvd , it was a little over 3 minutes long and little over 300 mb , they never attached the video to the report . It was so big of a video I didn’t know how to attach it so originally I only sent in the pics .
      There were witnesses Sox 30 to 40 miles away that got pics of what I got on video – their mufon case # is 70932 – ( I was actually at The Royal Peacock Opal mine ) I didn’t put that in the report , it asks for closest town .. but that like 35 miles away I think , just sayin for the record — no way it was a drone either , impossible speeds , impossible maneuvers , mind blown at it still .

  2. I felt like I was almost abducted by a UFO back in July 2003. Some lucky guy in Nevada who was camping witnessed the exact same UFO as what I did in Berryville VA back in 2003 and he took pictures of it. Lucky me I saw the same thing to prove it. Now over 16 years ago is my true story. Only the lucky ones get to see UFOs. The government is finally admitting that that UFOs are real and many Navy pilots have been reporting them. Why is it that when you tell people you saw or believe in UFOs they think your crazy, but when you tell them you believe in God your a good person? I believe in both.
    I always and will forever remember the time and details I was observed by a UFO when I was in Berryville VA. It was in June 2003 10:30 at night and my girl friend at the time was making fettuccine. I told her that I had sodas in the trunk of my car. It was a 1991 Honda Accord. It was very dark out in this small county town with no moon out. I walked out to the end of the driveway and was trying to find the keyhole to open the trunk. As I kept looking for it, there was a dim light that illuminated. I was then able to see the keyhole and open the trunk. As I reached in to get the sodas, the light kept getting bright and brighter. I got scared, thinking that a semi truck was going to smash into me from a factory road directly behind me. I jumped away with my reflexes from the back of the car and I landed on the grass to my left. Looking back behind me there was nothing there, but the light was still on me. I looked up and thought that a hug meteorite was about to crash in the ground. My body stiffed up in shock, and my jaw dropped down, with my eyes wide opened. I was expecting to die. After a few minutes I started to gain my senses back and felt no threat. I started to look for details of how it was hovering. It looked like a massive rock with bright lights and dark shadows with spot of light beaming out from it, with no sound. There was no smell of gas either burning. It eventually started disappearing into a wormhole right in front of me. There was nothing but silence. It looked like a rock bigger than the size of a McDonald’s restaurant right above at height of the tree, that close. I put my hands behind my ears to listen if there was any after effect. I ran into the house yelling for everyone to come out. They thought I saw a ghost with the look on my face.
    Look up wormholes on google.

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