UFO Fleet Caught Passing Over A Suspected Alien Base


Incredible footage of multiple massive UFOs has emerged recently – bringing the theory of an alien base anew. A suspected alien spaceship moves through the clouds over the Yellowstone National Park in the U.S. The space vessel is believed to be over 100 meters across.

A gigantic super-volcano is a notable natural structure in the Yellowstone National Park. While staying dormant for 70,000 years, a potential eruption of this massive volcano could kill 90,000 people and spark a nuclear winter, experts have warned.

Flying saucers were seen in a live camera observing the park. YouTube user Jeanette Forester shared the video to the video sharing site. She regularly posts short videos of the park, but this is the first time she posted a clip of her UFO sighting, which she describes as once in a lifetime.

Many space alien enthusiasts believe the U.S. knows about an active alien base or bases in the Yellowstone Park because the government allotted 3,468 miles of land for the park.

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