Fleet of UFOs Moving Towards South-East London


A UFO enthusiast from Lewisham, who saw unidentified flying objects moving towards the Thames Barrier, is hoping to find open-minded sky gazers to help him identify what he saw in the heavens.

Andrew Burlington of Cliffview Road saw the fleet of UFOs on the horizon heading towards Charlton on August 12. Burlington, 40, was on a family outing when the incident took place.

The computer technician was with his two young nephews at the time, but his parents Les and Sandra Burlington, 70  and 69, were not around as they bought a parking ticket.

Andrew initially thought those objects as balloons as they were spherical and some had something small hanging from them.

However, when they were soon out of view, the last object in the fleet seemed to lose altitude and flash many times before slowly turning invisible.

Andrew believes that a UFO mothership was above the Thames Barrier releasing smaller flying objects because a long mysterious object shoots across the sky at the beginning of the clip.

It wasn’t the first time Andrew spotted strange things in the sky. In 2013, he released several videos on a YouTube channel under the name of Victor Nevada. It was the first experience of his nephews Ewan and Finley, 11 and 8, though.

Andrew captured the phenomenon on video using his digital camera. When he played the footage in slow motion, he noticed a different type of flying object traveling very quickly. He did not know if it was a long insect or a cigar-shaped UFO.

He also spotted a smaller, darker object flying around in all directions at the start of the video. Andrew could not rule out a bird, but it could be a black triangular or V-shaped UFO.

Andrew is hoping that more witnesses would help him find out more about what they witnessed.

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