Rolling Stone Guitarist Spotted A UFO While In Brazil


Rolling Stone guitarist’s ex-wife Jo Wood revealed in a chat with Peter Andre that Ronnie Wood saw a UFO while on holiday in Brazil. The guitarist, 69, saw the spaceship hovered over the sea in shining strange lights, which freaked him out, according to his 62-year-old ex-wife Jo, who split from the rocker in 2008.

Jo said that they were in Recife in Brazil with their children. Ronnie was reportedly out wandering around when he started calling the attention of his ex-wife to come and see something weird above the sea.

Jo claimed that they spotted the giant UFO above the sea having strange shining lights that came down. The lights then suddenly went off and on many times until it was gone without a trace.

Jo shared the story to Peter Andre, 44, as part of This Morning new three-part series about paranormal and supernatural.  Peter also revealed he had an unusual experience in Nevada Desert. He said that he saw mysterious objects going from one point to another in split seconds, disappearing and reappearing, which blew his mind.

Earlier in the week, the Rolling Stone announced 13 shows in September and October throughout the course of their European tour.

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