Aliens Are Already Here, Canadian Scientist Says

UFO sightings are reported in nearly every country in the world. However, there has never been any substantial evidence that aliens exist or are visiting earth.

On the other hand, someone is entirely confident that aliens have been visiting humanity. He is a Canadian researcher and nuclear physicist.

Stanton Friedman believes that aliens have been here on Earth many times, but they simply don’t have plans yet to reveal their existence.

The Canadian scientist stressed that they have sufficient proof to prove beyond doubt that aliens have visited the Earth, but the information was kept secret from the public to prevent chaos. Friedman explained that there would be mass panic and great concern if the information is made available in public.

However, Stanton pointed out that it is easy for aliens to make themselves seen and they will bound to do it.

The 82-year-old scientist has been leading the UFO movement and claiming he has worked several secret investigations.

His theory states that aliens choose to remain in shadows until they are ready to colonize earthlings and prevent humans to populate other planets. Friedman explains that this is because humans have proven to be evil.

Another reason that Friedman noted is on political grounds. He says that the Earth is a race among U.S., Russia, and China. Anyone of them can copy the technology of aliens and will automatically become the most powerful.

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  1. They have already revealed themselves to the chosen few. We need them now more then at any time before to stabilize the earth, as well as the populations.

  2. All the hoary old reasons about Aliens and World panic,etc,etc,I think more like the Aliens are afraid of what we’d do to them!If we knew they were interfering with our cultures and way of life.
    We’re not all evil world hungry megolamaniacs!
    In my opinion, aliens for the most part, are not benign!

  3. Might we not consider that some humans are indeed evil?

    What other description would we give to those in charge of the human race on earth that have built enough nuclear blast force to kill trillions of human Beings and poison out the entire surface planet earth?

    Our family from the universe has spared us extermination by pulling all of the nuclear missiles out of the sky that the bankers have attacked us with.

    Sir Casper, our Martain neighbor burst or burned off every nuclear missile that the bankers tried to burn us up with.

    Sir Casper returned to His home inside Mars at the end of April.

    If Sir Casper is gone then why have the bankers not gone ahead with more nuclear missile attacks?

    They have. They attacked us with a nuclear missile May 5th, and have learned that before Sir Casper left His team dudded all of the nuclear blast material on earth out.

    Plutonium 239, the explosive force of the industrialists and bankers nuclear genocide machine was transmuted by Sir Casper into ex-plutonium 228 and a half.

    The one nuclear-tipped missile that was shot at us prematurely caught on fire and burned up when it began its reentry into the atmosphere.

    To see an ex-plutonium 228 and a half burn off of a nuclear warhead search for this video at UFO casebook

    Glowing UFO Videotaped over La Jolla, California

    As much as the bankers wanted to put us into a full blown nuclear blast holocaust, they have lost to our savior, our good God that sent His angels in to spare us from nuclear blast extinction.

    Please STRIKE THEM OUT Labor. End their nuclear brimstone waste extinction of us.

  4. I belive that the Majority of people. Of Mother Earth, have accepted,the fact.That there are other beings,from other planets and universe’s. And,They are also.Both of Good/Evil, Positive/and Negative. They are Amoung us,Now.

  5. Just checked the video of the burning warhead over LaJolla California and it was filmed in 2015 and only posted the other day.

    That may have been a 239 plutonium warhead in a controlled burn off by Sir Casper and his team of Martians.

    The understanding though, the 239 plutonium fuel for nuclear explosives has been dudded out by Sir Casper’s team. It has been transmuted into ex-plutonium 228 and a half.

    WE will not be subjected to a nuclear blast war as was planned for us. Are we not aware though that we are still in a full blown nuclear brimstone waste war?

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