UFO Spotted On Google Earth


A video footage apparently reveals evidence that aliens are real and already living among people on Earth.

As the Google Earth video zooms in on Neuquen, an Argentinian province, a UFO seems to become visible.

It looks like that the object is floating in the air over a truck running along the main road.

The discoverer, Marcelo Irazusta, claims that it constitutes clear proof of UFOs’ existence on Earth.

The shape of the object in question does not resemble any known flying thing in the planet. Furthermore, it does not look like any known flying birds.

According to Irazusta, the discovery surely deserves a fantastic diffusion, and it would be exciting that they can verify and make some comments about it.

Since he uploaded the clip to his YouTube channel, it has received thousands of views.

However, some viewers were not convinced about the wild claim.

One comment reads that it looks like a hub-cap someone threw out of a tree.

Another one adds that it could be a bird or wasp.

However, many others suggest that it certainly does not look like a bird.

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