Video Footage Apparently Shows White Orb Hovering Over Dublin Home In Ireland


A video that was posted online shows a strange white orb hovering over a residential area in Dublin.

The clip was reportedly recorded during a family barbecue. It apparently shows a white object in the skies over a heavily-populated residential area on June 9.

The video footage, which was posted to the YouTube channel UFO Institute, has a detailed description of the incident from the person who claimed to have witnessed it.

The description reveals that the object was stationary high above in the sky and was turning, pulsating and seemingly having three lights at the bottom of it.

After observing the object for 45 minutes, the witness noticed a smaller orb came out from the side of it. The orb darted up and down many times before it disappeared.

As the witness shed further light on his experience, he also cast further doubt on some of his claims.

The witness added that he saw nine orbs in formation wherein two were moving. He observed them for some time and returned to the main object. Then he saw a small sphere around the main object again, which then disappeared.

Though these claims come one in a blue moon, Dublin is becoming a hotspot for UFO sightings.

There have been over 20 reported sightings above the Irish capital in the past twenty years alone.

The military may be testing out top-secret flying stealth flying technology as one theory suggests.

However, this notion could easily be dispelled because these sightings took place in densely populated areas.

There are some commonalities on the latest sighting and the reported sightings chronicled on UFO Stalker.

In one instance, a witness claimed to have seen two star-like objects, similar to the ones in this clip. Low flying, silent craft were also reported elsewhere on the site.

Many other UFO sightings were reported in the Emerald Isle as well.

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