Cigar-shaped UFO near plane in Austria

Daytime video of cigar shaped UFO near plane, recorded in Wels Austria, today (19th November 2009) around 12pm.  

Its like Austria has now become the new hotspot for UFOs. After the appearance of a halo shaped mystical object in the Austrian sky some days ago, yet another cigar shaped unidentified object was caught floating across the Austrian skyline. The recorder was trying to video shoot an airplane that left a thick white chemtrail as it flew. In the blink of an eye, a glowing flying object appeared above the airplane. The person who was recording the video was awed at the sudden appearance of the object, which he claimed had resemblance to a glowing cigar. It could possibly have been a military exercise but the cigar shaped object seemed nothing like a military aircraft. However for a few seconds the unidentified object got out of the video frame as it accelerated at such a speed that it surpassed the airplane. This kind of acceleration by any man made object is unbeknownst. Maybe it was infact an alien spaceship trying to race with the airplane in an attempt to patronise the human invention: the Airplane and clearly the spaceship crossed the plane and proved their point by taking such a good lead within seconds

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