UFO/USO escapes jetfighters in ocean depths in Spain

This shocking video was supposably recorded on 29th September 2009. UFO craft escapes jetfighters in ocean depths, dives in the Sea to Avoid Jet Fighters and Helicopter.

Subtitles (they are talking in galician, a language similar to portuguese):

The guy said: ¿Que es eso, qué es eso?
What is that? What is that?

Pero que coño, que caralho pasa aquí? Pero que caralho está pasando aquí?
What the hell is going on?

Chopper in spanish:
Leave the area, leave the area immediately and head for port, receive instructions there. Leave the area and head for port!

5th March 2010 – Update:  Two videos that proofs this footage is fake.

Making of “El OVNI Gallego”

Proof that UFO case “Galicia” was a Terra’s commercial campaign

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