Unknown light in the sky above Tenerife

“It was shortly after midnight on 1st January 2010 in Los Cristianos, Tenerife, Canary Islands. I was looking south over the town and enjoying the fireworks celebrating the New Year when I saw a flaming, orange-red, round object come from behind the hill to my left (south of me) and proceed out to sea at what looked like about 500-800 feet altitude. I grabbed the camera but didn’t have the presence of mind to steady it properly, thus the wobble in the video. You can hear my partner in the background talking to her parents in Scotland, whom she had phoned to say Happy New Year. I videoed it for a few minutes and put the camera down as the battery was low. Shortly afterwards, a second object appeared to my right (north of me) and headed out to sea on a heading which would take it to meet the previous object’s position. Why I did not film this as well I cannot explain. It wouldn’t have mattered if the battery had gone dead, I should have taken the footage anyway. Later, looking at the video of the fireworks taken just after midnight (before the appearance of these two objects) we saw what looked like three of these objects in the sky on the left when the sequence opens, in a roughly triangular shape. The camera pans to the right to film some fireworks, and when it returns, you can see there are only two of the objects left in the picture.”
Colin (author)
source: Submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

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  1. I think we saw the same thing here in Northamptonshire, UK at midnight on new years eve too. We couldn't get it on film because we couldn't zoom in – looked like a ball of fire – my daughters and son saw similar about a week before too.

  2. i saw 2 red orbs for about a second and a half on 1/1/01 at 6:00p.m. on i26 exit 85 in sc moving west to east at a 75 degree angle. at first they were together, then they split and curved up and out the atmosphere. p.s. no firework.

  3. ive seen these same orbs in australia more than once the past 2008/2009 new years eve, fireworks in Sydney Australia and the next new yrears eve in brisbane. but they cam down from the sky observed the fire works and took off back up in the atmoshpere afterwards

  4. There seems to be many,many sightings of objects of a unknown origin .Why is this happening.That is the question.The more i see the less i understand. Government's ,west,east, north, south must know. Hell they have cameras watching everyone 24/7 (or is that part of the hidden agenda).Some release small bits like Ecuador have but more must be realised .Im not talking about snippets but items

  5. They are all sightings of four different large spacecraft which are Heralding the Return of the World Teacher

  6. The UFO what was seen on New Years Eve in 2010 in Tenerife both my husband and myself watched this object for at least half/hour we were staying in the Costamar apartments and were the 4th floor up. We did have a birds eye view it circled around the harbour a couple of times and came back to the spot to where we were. This happened soon after the firework display . I took pictures of it at the time sadly as I was changing my e-mail address I incorrectly transferred them onto my new e-mail add so lost them.. It was mentioned in the Tenerife newspaper as others had seen it.

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