Triangle UFO over Adelaide Hills – 2005

Video footage of triangle UFO or orbs in triangle formation recorded over Adelaide Hills, Australia in March 2005. 
“It was in March of 05 if I remember correctly. I can check this in my records. It was a balmy night and I sat on my driveway with my video camera. (Which is normal for me) and I saw this light get so large and bright I started filming and was very excited during the sighting. A great sighting.”
Author (KosmikD @youtube)

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  1. Triangle space ship can travel into other ralms of reality it can go from 2015 to 1820 in a second all travel to any date at will.Three orbs can spreed out in space and stretch time into a long line then you will see a ball of light explode with a massive bang high in space. That you see is a real triangle space ship from other worlds and other ralms of reality.

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