Two UFO lights over Bo’ness, UK

Recent UFO sighting – Two linked objects formation over Bo’ness, Scotland recorded in January 2010.

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  1. Hi, I found this video earlier and was chuffed to have done so. Last night, Sat 20th Feb 2010, my Dad and I were out walking. It had been snowing heavily up until 10 mins before so there was a low, heavy cloud cover. My Dad saw what he thought to be a helicopter dropping beneath the clouds but it was bright red and moving slowly in a Northerly direction. I thought it was a flare as there were no

  2. I saw something like this too, I ain't kidding. We just watched these two bright red lights move slowly in an arc and then climb directly up into the clouds. No noise and as for lanterns,it was raining and snowing intermittently, so lanterns wouldn't have lasted this long. No idea what they were, but we have a fairly good idea of what they weren't. And, strange to have various

  3. i live in bo'ness and i saw them 2! i thought they were lanterns as well but there was smthn about them that made me think they werent. It was pretty freaky.

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