Rod filmed by BBC TV crew in India

Here is a footage of a Rod flying in the background in TV documentary “Darjeeling Himlayan Railway” which was recorded in India and aired on BBC in February 2010.

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  1. How do you catch something that has been seen in videos passing through solid objects without even slowing down?

  2. its not a UFO, its a small insect flying in front of the lens of camera (eg. a fly). this effect has been proven by scientists. there is even a show/documentary featuring these "spirals"

  3. continuing on… the spiral effect is created by the rapid up and down movement of the insect's wings and the long disk is due the linear motion of insect body. the whole effect happens because the video camera is recording near 25-60 FPS only. If this were a high framerate camera 500-1000 FPS (the ones use for slow motion capture) you would see a blurry but discernible insect flying through.

  4. I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you. You see, there are thousands of videos that have captured these "rods" whatever they might be. but it is very obviously not just an insect flying close to the camera. You should check out the rod footage that was caught while filming an idie movie, as well as the footage of them taken by base jumpers. it's extremely obvious that it'

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