Daytime UFO / Orb over California, USA

Latest UFO sightings – Daytime UFO / Orb was recorded in the sky over California, USA on Saturday, 12th June 2010.

Real UFOs on net from north America, CA, The States.

Sitting at the pool on 6/12/2010 with my girlfriend and 3 neighbors. We noticed a white object in the southern sky hoving and slow moving towards the south. 1st thought it might be a ballon but wasn’t gaining altitude. Happened to have my camera and took a short film of it. Then went back to enjoyng my day at the pool not thinking to much about it. Then a friends said that is was still in the sky. So I grabbed my camera again and took another short movie. By this time it seemed to move further south away from my location, but noticed that I had a near by tree that I could use during the 2nd movie to give it depth.
Object was een by five different people at the same it.
source: mufon

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  1. I was traveling to Sacramento, Ca. last year during the summer. Took HWY 20 from the coast, got to I-5 and saw about 100 flying orbs of all size, flying at different speeds and directions very close to I-5 almost to Sacramento, Ca. Could not have been planes or crop dusters. They were traveling from extremely fast to barely moving to standing still? Not only did I see these but everyone in the

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