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UFO follows in jet’s vapor trail over Virginia
June 12, 2010 – A Virginia witness watched a teardrop-shaped object following in the vapor trail of a jet on June 12, 2010, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The object seemed to keep pace with the jet, but stayed a good distance behind, the witness stated. The object was shorter than the plane, but larger in diameter. The object made a sudden “arc like climb,” and then vanished. Read more…
The Flying Saucer Crashes
Jun-14-2010 – In this case, the official sources are too busy explaining why this is impossible rather than attempting to learn if it is true. CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa) – In 1950, a columnist for Variety, Frank Scully, published a book entitled, Behind the Flying Saucers. It was an expose of a government program, funded in secret and retaining some 1800 scientists, to study the remains of three crashed flying saucers allegedly captured in the desert Southwest. This story, if true, would be the exclusive of a lifetime. Scully laid out the information given to him by the scientist and by Silas Newton. J.P. Cahn, of the San Francisco Chronicle took an assignment from True, a men’s magazine devoted to war fiction, government expose, and other stories of interest to men, to either find the proof the tale was accurate, or that it was a complete fabrication. Read more…
Aliens on Titan? – Life may exist on Saturn’s largest moon
A lot of new articles about this subject:
NASA Scientist: Alien Life on Titan Possible
06/08/2010 – Scientists are contemplating the possibility of extraterrestrial life on Saturn´s moon, Titan, after new findings. All of these findings come from chemical data returned by NASA´s Cassini spacecraft.
NASA´s Astrobiologist Chris McKay´s study suggests that hydrogen was flowing down through the atmosphere and disappearing at its surface. This hints that hydrogen may be getting consumed by life.
A second study suggests that acetylene, a compound that could be consumed as food, is also lacking on the surface. Life forms that rely on liquid methane instead of liquid water could consume such a compound. Read more…

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