Churchill and Eisenhower ‘agreed to cover up RAF plane’s UFO encounter during WWII’, secret files reveal

Churchill and US General Dwight Eisenhower,
left, are alleged to have discussed how to
deal with a UFO encounter
August 5, 2010 – Sir Winston Churchill was accused of covering up a close encounter between an RAF aircraft and a UFO during the Second World War, newly-released files reveal today.

UFO files: sightings ‘taken seriously’ by top British intelligence chiefs in 1950s
August 5, 2010 – UFO sightings were taken so seriously in the 1950s that incidents were discussed at the highest level by Britain’s senior intelligence chiefs, the secret files also show. 
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British X-Files reveal secret UFO study

August 5, 2010 – Letter says Churchill, Eisenhower hushed up flying-saucer sighting during World War II; probe goes nowhere
Britain released hundreds of previously secret “UFO files” on Thursday, including a letter saying that Winston Churchill had ordered a 50-year cover-up of a wartime encounter between an unidentified flying object and military pilot.

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““What does all this stuff about flying saucers amount to? What can it mean? What is the truth?” “
Sir Winston Churchill – July 1952
Dr. David Clarke about UFOs in WWII – August 2010

Government releases new UFO files
Sir Winston Churchill is at the centre of a cover-up as the Ministry of Defence release UFO new files

UFO expert reveals X-files unexplained sightings; Nick Pope
Former MoD UFO chief Nick Pope on how the X-Files led to more alien sightings

Sky News: Churchill hid truth about UFOs claims scientist
A story found in the newly declassified Ministry of Defence UFO files claims that Winston Churchill suppressed details of UFO activity to prevent mass panic. The claim were made by a scientist who said his grandfather was one of Churchill’s bodyguards.

New Declassified UFO Files UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) Churchill UFO Cover Up August 2010
10 minutes long report on the Winston Churchill UFO coverup.

The files are available to download for free for a month from the website



CNN: British UFO files released
The British government releases archives of alleged UFO sightings.

Directgov: Secret UFO files released
During World War II, Prime Minister Winston Churchill reportedly ordered a UFO sighting to be kept secret for half a century. This account is one of more than 5,000 pages of UFO reports released in the UK by The National Archives UFO Sighting Covered Up By Churchill?
A new set of documents released by Britain’s Ministry of Defense links U.K. Prime Minister Winston Churchill to a UFO cover-up.

UPDATE; Friday, 6th August 2010

Released files cast light on famous Welsh ‘UFO’ sighting 
Eyewitness sketches from the National Archives
show part of a possible alien invastion fleet
and a space station with pulsating lights.

August 5, 2010 – NEWLY-RELEASED documents on UFOs have shed fresh light on the “Welsh Roswell” incident and suggest Britain’s wartime leaders believed revealing the truth about another sighting would cause mass panic and undermine Christianity.

Locals heard a huge bang and saw a brilliant light in the sky over the Berwyn Mountains in North Wales on the evening of January 23, 1974.

Some have claimed the explosion was caused by an alien spaceship crash that was covered up by the authorities.

Files released on 1974 ‘Welsh Roswell’

August 5, 2010 – A 1974 “UFO incident” which was dubbed the Welsh Roswell was dismissed as an earthquake and a meteor combining, offical files show.

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X-files reveal UFO in garden and mystery of sonic boom – with poll
August 5, 2010 – A UFO was reported to have landed in a Derby garden in 1996, according to newly released Ministry of Defence files.
And in 1997, a mysterious “sonic boom” was heard over Hope Valley in the Peak District.
Today, the National Archives has released 18 x-files, charting all UFOs reported in the UK from 1995 to 2003, including strange phenomena in Derbyshire.
One of the reports from a Derby resident says they saw a “craft with a red light on top of it” in their back garden in Brook Street.
The person reported standing 6ft away from the craft, which was hovering 3m off the ground.

UFO archive records reveals Clifton’s own X-File

August 5, 2010 – Thousands of reports of suspected UFO sightings have been released by the National Records Archive for the first time, including reports of strange lights in the sky over Bristol.
The records have attracted national press coverage today as they include orders by Churchill during WW2 to cover up a possible sighting on the south coast and airline pilots reporting flying objects over Manchester.
Here in Bristol we have our own extensive claims made by a UFO investgator and several other witnesses in July 1996, who saw a collection of 26 lights hovering over the city, from Clifton to Bedminster, and many points inbetween.
One of the entries reads: “Sighting of double circle of lights by 36 year old man over Clifton, they were moving across the sky in different directions. Time 2.00hrs, duration 1 hour 5/7/96.”

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