UFO “fake plane” recorded over Eugene in Oregon, USA

Latest UFO sightings – UFO fake plane footage recorded over Eugene in Oregon, USA on Monday, 26th July 2010. More info in the video.

Witness report: 5 min. UFO sighting. Orb hovers for 4 min. then flies over as a jet. This is the last part but the full sighting will be posted. You can see the orb divide into parts clearly.
Author (PURVASHADASTAR @ youtube)
UFO News – most recent U.F.O. reports, evidences, proofs. LUS 2010
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  1. He will probably not &#39;approve&#39; the comment I made on his youtube page, so here it is:<br />&quot;Instead of masking the sound with music, why not post the entire video including sound? I&#39;m sure the audio on the video confirms what the video depicts… a plane getting closer and closer to you (creating the illusion of your proposed orb separation) and then flying over the top. How

  2. ( This event happened on Aug 2nd, 2010 )<br /><br /> Coming home from Eagle Point to Shady Cove Oregon. Driving on highway 62, by myself I noted something flying just like an airplane in the sky. <br /> It looked just like what was in this film, however not as late as the film shows it to be. I live about a good three hour drive from where this took place and it was about 9:30 pm when I saw

  3. To me it&#39;s an airplane. Why a an intelligent spacecraft do this? They can travel fast, super fast, they can much more things than we can. The camera seems having trouble to focus on it when you zoom on it but in this situation, with a clear light source the camere must, at least, focus on one spot of light. This isn&#39;t your case and the vid becomes clear only from afar. For the remaining

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