Possible UFO over Maryland, USA

Latest UFO sightings – Possible UFO video recorded over Maryland in USA on 22nd July 2010.
Witness report: Just above the tree tops. Slowly moving toward me then apparently sideways then it banks and goes behind the trees. I even used the tripod for the second half.
(brucechristi4u @ youtube)
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UFO News – Real UFOs on net from north America, USA, MD. Real ovni footage.

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  1. Highly unlikely, Helicopters have a distinct outline or body shape, not to mention engine noise, neither of which you see or hear in the clip. It's movement isn't really consistent with a helicopter as well. Just saying…

  2. i seen the same exact thing just off the dual highway in hagerstown back in 07 it made absolutely no noise and it was flying extremely low

  3. This is an airplane. If you are uncertain about that, go outside on just about any clear evening within 20 miles of any airport, and you will witness exactly the same "mysterious" objects — by the dozen. Most are owned by companies we call commercial air transportation companies. Some are owned my the military. None are owned by creatures from outer space. They don't use landing

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