Large UFO flying over Melbourne, Australia 28-Oct-2010

Latest UFO sightings – New UFO video of unknown large object flying in the sky over Melbourne in Australia. This footage was recorded today – Thursday, 28th October 2010 at 4:21 am.
Witness report: Incredible close large UFO heads towards the Moon, Australia
Must see 100% proof.I was filming tonight without seeing a thing,there was a lot of shooting stars which is always nice to see,but i was getting cold and the battery on my camcorder was about to run out, so i was just about to pack up all my equipment,when a close UFO came into my field vision.The UFO seemed to decend towards the moon.Flimed with nightvision in HD,this footage is all raw sound and vision. I have been filming for the last 5 months without not seeing a thing and in the the last week the activity is hot.Hope you enjoy.

Author (UFOVaultHD @ youtube)

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  1. As cool as this video is, unfortunately it is both a jump to claim it's a UFO or that it's "landing on the moon". It could be a satellite, it could be the ISS. What you should have done was continue to film for a little while longer after it passes or "lands" on the moon to show that it just wasn't flying by it. I find it a bit dubious that the video ends at

  2. I also seen it from newcastle Australia ,and it passed the moon,and kept going till too small to see,,It was to low to be a sattlite,as i've seen hundreds of them over the years and could tell this was way ,way to low to be One….peace..

  3. i saw the same UFO/light at 5pm 1/11/10 near ferntree gully VIC. bright blue craft travelled across the horizon in 10-15 seconds. it was flying at around the height of an airliner but travelling much faster than any jet id ever seen. had 2 other people who were with me who also saw this.

  4. I saw a very similar object at around 3am this morning from western Sydney. It looked exactly like this one except that at one point it stopped and stayed in the one spot for around 15minutes. It looked like a very bright star but when it stopped it actually slowly dimmed down until it was almost invisible and then it became brighter again and continued on. It was very very bizzarre.

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