Unknown daytime lights behind Irish minister, filmed by BBC 3-Nov-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Unknown bright lights hovering in the sky behind Irish finance minister while he was giving an interview for BBC. This was on air on Wednesday, 3rd November 2010. What do you think of this phenomena?
Author’s report: Hi there,
It is on the BBC website, and so you can see that the footage is for real. Behind the Irish Finance minister you will see three balls of light. At first you might think that they are reflections in the window, but wait until 2:30 and you will see them change size and move. If you look at the zoomed up video which I put on YOutube you can see some very odd movement, and that there are shadows on the underside of these objects.

I saw this when watching the BBC 24 news channel at 10:31 am on November 3. I took the footage off of the BBC website and zoomed it up for YouTube. Also note, that there is a very odd object moving erratically on the horizon, which you can only see in the zoomed up video, as the quality is not great from the BBC website. It would be good to get the original footage, as it was clear on my 42″ tv.
Most importantly you want to look at what happens for 2:30 onwards.
Author: Chris C.
source: submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net
UFO – BBC news Nov 3, 2010 behind Irish finance minister – watch 2:30 onwards

CLOSE UP – BBC News live UFO behind Irish finance minister November 3, 2010

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  1. Why the bright eyes were on you, because they knew it that all political business are lies….<br />Money is the name of the game!!<br />But aliens are after humans distractions!!!

  2. I can&#39;t believe the interview couldn&#39;t be interrupted by this sighting. Would have been able to get a better visual from that vantage point, they failed us…Rickey

  3. It&#39;s in a studio, so there are untold light sources around behind the camera. The glass is probably triple-glazed with all the associated internal reflections that can give rise to, and this has been filmed off a TV screen! So potential for even more reflections in somebody&#39;s front room. Give me a break!

  4. The image is clearly outside the studio, not to mention it had motion. Does a stain have motion? The camera never changed its view, yet the image did. There&#39;s enough evidence out here anyway,no need to wait on the governments to determine if we are visited or not. If this visitation turns out to be hostile, you can be assured that the governments already know who will be defended or how many

  5. if you look at 1:11 the light is clearly covering some of the bar behind his head meaning it would be from inside since light doesnt shine through metal. if it was outside you would only see about half of that light, not all of it.

  6. Instantly recognized as interior lights reflecting off the window. If the lights move in the background that just means the lights were moved in the studio.

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