UFO video: Bright object was filmed hovering over Phoenix, Arizona 22-Dec-2010

Latest UFO sightings – UFO video of unknown bright light hovering in the night sky over Phoenix, Arizona on 22nd December 2010.
Witness report: Three days before Christmas in the early hours of the morning as I went outside on one of my regular visual checks of the night sky over my home in Tempe I noticed a very large, very bright object in the southeastern sky hovering just above the tree-line and a nearby office building. The object itself was nowhere near the actual trees I was seeing but visually that’s where the object was placed in my field of vision. This object appeared very large and very bright in the early hours of morning on 12/22/10 and amazingly appeared as if it was moving steadily closer to us the entire time we observed.

The very first UFO I saw was in the same location only much closer on the night of July 4, 2010. Now it or another one that looks just like it was back and I raced inside for my night vision camera. I began taping and after getting the camera situated for the best shot I went inside to see if I could get another camera for additional footage. As I went inside I left my first camera rolling so as to not miss any valuable footage or actions by the UFO. When I came back outside with the new camera in hand I was really disappointed to discover the object was gone. Then I brought my camera in to check out the footage of what happened and I was absolutely mystified to replay the events that occurred on my camera.

That night the sky was covered in heavy clouds but they had cleared to some degree so we could see quite a bit of clear sky. Right before I went inside a large cloud with a disk-like front to it rolled up very close to the object as it was hovering. It appeared to be behind the UFO as it did not at anytime obscure the camera’s view. After a time there appeared to be an exchange of light or energy which is very vague and hard to see so I can’t tell for certain that that is the case or not but then as the cloud with the disk-like front end moved on past the UFO, it began to visibly sputter in it’s brightness and then faded into nothing. To my eyes it seems clear that the object simply vanished or dematerialized into another dimension or was cloaked from view. Though I have seen these objects and have done my best to document their activities on video I had not yet ever seen one disappear like that on camera or with my naked eye.
Author (SkywatchUpdate @ youtube)

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  1. seriously? is this a joke? you are videotaping the freaking moon and then some clouds roll in and block the light. you can even see jupiter down to the lower right.. just where i would expect it to be. these kinds of claims make us all look like tin foil hat wearing lunatics….

  2. ya know,these websites are made available to people who should feel at ease,when they tell of their experiences.,not ridiculed.,or judged by everyone.,you were not there.there is no way anybody can say what people actually see,unless you are there.you would think that these people who report their sightings,have nothing better to do than report hoaxes…..

  3. It's Venus, it's at it's brightest luminosity in December. We had rain and clouds in the area in the Southwest during that time – the sky was extra clear from the rain. Venus rises in the east in early am hours. Saw the same thing in Vegas during that time…and that's one to grow on.

  4. it didnt move at all and it dematerialized behind the clouds??? i don&#39;t get it, it&#39;s a damn star. <br />@above – sure people can tell their experiences but don&#39;t take us for idiots. it clearly was not moving (one of them said look how fast it&#39;s moving towards us) then they can&#39;t even see the clouds roll in and think it disappears. one of them is clearly an idiot

  5. I live in Tempe as well, and last nite ( Jan. 8th 2011) My husband and I were coming home, and saw something that looked EXACTLY like this. It was up in the air, then dropped down and literally disappeared before our eyes. That&#39;s so weird. :/

  6. Where can I buy what these guys are smoking? It&#39;s VENUS, lunatics!! I disagree that we should encourage rubbish like this. Tell these people to get lives, and spend time and effort on those instances which are truly inexplicable!

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