New video of UFO activity over Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada 3-Jan-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This video of UFO acticity over Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada was recorded on Monday, 3rd January 2011.
Witness report: HEY, Mr. Whatdidusee, ‘IT’ is BACK. Bottom Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls Again. Over one hour of foootage. Falls mist blowing away, with light occcasional spray. Wind light to east. Definite triangular shape visible. Large,large object. Airplane flies below at one point. Police and tourists are shown object in sky reflecting spotlights. At least 12 people see from my vantage point. Cloud covers ‘IT’ and goes away. I am informed ‘IT’ came back much later in evening. I have some ‘nightshot’ footage to upload ASAP also. Watch for pt 2 soon.
Author (handeroo @ youtube)

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  1. LoLwut? I'm confused at what were looking at here… that's the spot light from the border and the ones from the pizza joint shinning on the clouds… Did no one have an HD camera or a digital camera handy during any of this?

  2. For heaven's sake, if possible get a 21st century camera…a Flip camera is about 100 dollars and it's HD. Sorry to be so brutal, but it's not possible to discern anything from this video.

  3. Whisky has stolen the words from my mind..I have no idea what I'm looking at. Unless I watch them in HD I don't think I will believe all this stuff.. sounds funny but true..

  4. i could see two blobs that looks like marshmallows in a cup of hot chocolate, maybs ill film my black cats face out of focus and post it saying two green ufos in the night sky….. oooo lol

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