Numerous UFOs near O’Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois 13-Feb-2011

Latest UFO sightings – We already posted one report of UFO sighting over Chicago, IL yesterday (link) and here are another two videos of strange UFO activity over the same city on Sunday, 13th February 2011, one was recorded near O’Hare Airport.
Witness report: The video does not do what my father and I saw with our eyes (and binoculars) justice!

This was recorded in Bloomingdale, Illinois at approximately 8:00 PM on February 13, 2011. The time on the camera is an hour behind.

The lights were originating from the direction of O’hare airport. A couple airplanes were seen in between the lights at points throughout the filming. I discovered the lights initially at 7:50 PM, in a spot where lights did not belong in the view of the sky near my home. I then ran back home to grab my dad, some binoculars, and a camera. We found a good vantage point and filmed them for about 20 minutes. This footage is cut down quite a bit. I went back to the filming spot at 10:30 PM and the lights were gone.

Some quality was lost once the film was transferred onto the computer. Make note that the row of lights on the horizon are at times possible to mistake for the hovering lights.

There was also a UFO report filed the same night at DuPage Airport of an object that did not show up on radar following a civilian pilot.

This is just what we saw. Events like this are easy to dismiss, so believe what you would like. I leave it to you figure out what it is! I’m drawing no conclusions.
But for real… that’s some alien shit.
Author (worldmaponline @ youtube)

O’Hare UFO video:

Here is another video of the same event from the same day:

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  1. Much better than those fake arse phoenix lights.<br />I cant believe people still think the PL was anything other than flares.<br />You then have to accept that roswell was probably bullshit.<br />I believe in UFO&#39;s but Im allergic to horse shit.

  2. according to the comments it looks more like most people are still asleep and are afraid to wake and admit the truth, grow some balls people and stop being so quick to dismiss hard core evidence. and wake the hell up!! hovering flares? haha! dumbasses!

  3. I don`t see the comment I left b-4 for some reason??<br /> Anyway 1st. video is the only one looks like anything to me.The rest look like lighted balloons and such.Now talking about the first video…Yea it was cold outside,but if you don`t hang in there and film these things so we can see if they drift down or fly away you ain`t got diddly.

  4. If this is the video of lights over O&#39;Hare airport, then why is it that these videos are taken within just miles of it, yet, you hear NO planes coming in or taking off from there AT ALL. I have been to Chicago O&#39;Hare Airport a few times and to not see a plane coming in or taking off from there the whole time is just an indication that they diverted all incoming planes and delayed all

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