UFO Sightings in 2011 on the rise

2011 has started off as a banner year for UFO sightings. Performing an internet search for UFO sightings will yield an amazing assortment of choices. Moscow, Chicago, Cairo, Jerusalem and Utah – the internet is alive with excitement over these documented cases.
As usual there are attempts to create false UFO stories. The most suspicious is the Jerusalem video. The well respected Discovery News channel has analyzed this video. Refering to the abnormal background shudder and lack of reflective light, their position is that it is most likely a fake.
The Cairo, Chicago, Utah and Moscow sightings are harder to explain away as fakes. For example, in Cairo, the light appears suddenly from mid air and quickly accelerates and disappears. This is exactly how many previous UFO reports have been described. Chicago had a UFO encounter in 2006 which was witnessed by many airport employees; once again it is in the spotlight for the same reason. The recent videos filmed by Chicago residents are impressive and will be difficult to dismiss as fakes or weather incidents.
Why are UFO sightings in 2011 on the rise? There are many theories being discussed; many cite preparation for the coming year 2012 as the reason. Predictions alluding to 2012 as the end of the world are numerous. Are the governments of the world preparing for this? Perhaps the UFOs are newly designed aircraft being tested. In the event of a catastrophic event, world leaders are planning to be safely whisked away. Extraterrestrials could be conducting test runs of their vehicles; maybe they are preparing for the end of our world.
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  1. Dunno, but maybe the 2012 isn't the end of the world (as destruction or something like that), maybe is the end of our world as we know it now, maybe is the year when this outerspace beings come closer than before and change the human history…

  2. hi,<br />I&#39;m one of the guys who filmed the UFO in cloudy skies above Moscow (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCYY4FQotV8), and I understand that its far from being the best filming of a UFO.<br />However, I was not standing alone, and what we all did see, was not a plane or helicopter, chinese lanterns, etc… <br />Since that day (over a month ago), I&#39;ve been following UFO sightings ever

  3. Listen to Bashar. 2012 is in no way the end of the world, but a transition from negative to positive energies. Also, the extraterrestrial societies will in 2012 withdraw the quarantaine of the Earth, that is they will no longer actively hinder us from making contact with them. In 2015 it will be known to humankind that the ET&#39;s exist and in 2035 we will be members of the intergalactical

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