Cylinder UFO hovering above Sävedalen, Sweden 24-Apr-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – Rotating cylinder-shaped UFO was recorded over Sävedalen in Sweden. This video was recorded on Sunday, 24th April 2011.
Witness report: This sighting is an amazing UFO sighting i had a few days ago while waiting for my girlfriend to return from Jönköping. The craft appeared behind the mountains close to the highway that connects Sävedalen with Göteborg at first it sounded like an chopper then it made no noise at all then it stood hovering close to out apartment for about 7 minutes, it appeared just a few minutes before my girlfriend arrived that night. During that whole weekend i did not see anything strange in the skies until that night.

I have never seen something like this before.. This craft is just mind blowing it looks like a cylinder or pipe that is rotating but when i used night vision it looks like something else that is expanding and growing. I actually saw this change shape while flying towards me pretty neat to witness!

What is this ?

To me there is no freaking way this is an airplane or helicopter, is it of ET origin ? Ill let you be the judge..

Author (CosmicStarTraveler @ youtube)

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  1. It's simply wondering. Very strange, incredible. In Hindu Mythology there are some descriptions, which resembles closely to such objectives. In fact, I believe in the existence of Extra-Terrestrials beyond our perception. How small we know about the vast Universe & its inhabitants.

  2. well you keep asking what is that, so i will tell you.. It's a reflection of your light bulb through your window derwood..Haha

  3. That's pretty much one of those paper/chinese lanterns. You can see the flicker of the candle inside, and since it just hovers there and does no sort of sudden movement.

  4. Is this being filmed through a window? This is obviously not an airplane, it is more likely a reflection on the glass from a brightly lit object behind the camera.<br /><br />Why wouldn&#39;t you go outside to get a clearer view?

  5. There are videos of similarly behaving unidentifiable craft all throughout the canon. These cigar or cylinder shaped, seemingly rotating bodies of a shiny cast have come to be nicknamed Probes, or the probe model. They tend to remain in one spot generally, and appear and disappear suddenly. Sometimes they appear for minutes, some hours. A few mass sightings in American history have repeat visits

  6. Ya, it might also be a sky lantern tethered to the ground by string. People do this so they can recover and reuse their lanterns. This would account for it spinning in place because the tether is off center.

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