Interesting UFO videos of triangle formation over Antofagasta, Chile 3-Apr-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – Interesting new footage of unknown lights or orbs in triangle formation hovering in the night sky over Antofagasta in Chile. This was recorded on Sunday, 3rd April 2011

UFO Video #1:

UFO Video #2:

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  1. I guess Chile has just imported some Lanterns.<br />Forget disclosure or secretive governments. I think Lanterns are the biggest blight on the ufo scene.<br />Does anyone agree with me?

  2. Okay.. sky lanterns? You people are dumb, you can clearly tell it&#39;s over a building &amp; in the sky. Who in this world could get a &quot;lantern&quot; that far up on some damn kite string? Exactly. No one.

  3. You obviously don&#39;t know what sky lanterns are! Watch this video:<br /><br /><br /><br />I can buy 500 feet of kite string for $8.95 and a 5 pack of sky lanterns for under $25. Attach the kite string to 3 sky lanterns and tether them to 3 points on the ground or on top of a building and you got yourself a UFO! All for less than $50!<br /><br />Sell

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