New videos of UFOs over Chicago, Illinois 2-Apr-2011 Update

April 3, 2011 – Chicago, IL – Multiple UFOs flying across the sky were reported by many residents on Chicago’s South Side and some of them even caught this phenomenon on tape.
According to the witnesses, this happened on Saturday, 3rd April 2011 around 8 pm. Those unknown lights were flying together, traveling in a straight line at first, and then making patterns. The lights were orange and they were blinking together at the same time.
National Weather Service didn’t report any unusual weather occurrences.

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UFO’s in Chicago 2011

ufos over chicagos midway airport at 8:20pm 4/2/2011

UFO lights? in the city of chicago….

UFO Chicago 4/2/2011

REAL FOOTAGE UFO UFO’s Fleet OVNIS en Chicago 4/2/2011 4 2 2011 Abril 2 8:10 PM – 8:15 PM


Tuesday, 5th April 2011 Update: 

Were those lights memorial lanterns?

It looks like those mysterious lights spotted on Saturday night in Chicago were actually part of a memorial to victims of child abuse – or they just want us to believe so.
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  1. Didnt they prove these where just lanterns that some prayer group let out for a rally or for recognition to gain support and awareness?

  2. great videos. I really appreciate havingthe time listed, but, if this happens again, would you also list the nearest intersection, just to give a better idea of where these ufos are showing up? (i see one listed midway airport) i'm just curious as a former Chicagoan. thanks for sharing!

  3. These things have been seen all over the world, and yet never any reports by the government to the general public. You mean to tell me that not one federal agency in Chicago saw any of those lights?? In Chicago?? Hard to believe this could be explained to be anything than what it was on the footage. Nothing reported, not even by a local cop..

  4. Again the powers that be love the hoaxers ,and the misidentified such as lanterns.No way they will make a comment even if they know.This stuff is going to set back or even keep any real disclosure from happening.

  5. In general, isn't it entirely likely that all of these "triangular light UFO's" are simply lanterns such as these, or some form of man-made UFO? I find it far more likely that possibly hundreds (it could take as few as dozens) of jokesters around the world have recognized that they could build a string of lights that could be seen around their entire city, and gain national and

  6. to see the rate of movement of these "lanterns" when cameras are zoomed in is very disconcerting. there are quite a few "triangle formation" videos on this site (and in general, hundreds over the past two decades) that were made by cameras with more refined zoom that show the nature of movement of each individual object. I can't find a way to understand how a series of

  7. I was a ward of the state (fancy word for orphan) in the city of chicago for almost ten years. There was no releasing of lanterns for abused children. I look deeply into the matters concerning abused children and wards and have heard no such thing about it.

  8. If they were lanterns from a part of a memorial to victims of child abuse why is there no photographs of the ceremony? Also there where not any flyers or any type of information in regards to such an event. This is one of the many reasons why American citizens are dumb! Many of us, as well as I at times, believe what ever the news tells us. Just try to remember, as I try to, the news always start

  9. Lady, I have to agree with you since I live in Chicago. They reported this on Channel 7 news with real questions about what they were. It seems that later in the broadcast, they showed a picture of a woman lighting a Chinese lantern for this rally. Seems strange that it was resolved so fast. Another thought: it was obviously very chilly being in early April, so how do Chinese lanterns react in

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