Possible UFOs in the sky over Arizona, USA 8-Apr-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – Unknown objects were recorded in the night sky over Arizona in United Staes. This video was taken on Friday, 8th April 2011.

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  1. they're definitely trying to communicate with us through geometric, and triangular shapes. all the video's of phoenix are quite similar, lets get some decipherment going.

  2. I was waiting for this footage to be posted on this website!<br />Me and my family saw that yesterday. We were driving in the car and we followed this lights for a while. They definetly weren&#39;t lanterns or flares or nothing like that!<br /><br />This objects change the course a few times and they flew against the wind most of the time. <br /><br />Spectacural UFO sightings!

  3. I think the worst thing that can be done to any video is adding music. What&#39;s the point of it? Isn&#39;t it important to just have the original sound?

  4. Not very convincing. Despite Jack&#39;s comments, there is only about 50 secs of video here and these lights move like balloons on kite string blowing in the wind.

  5. Lima Peru, massive ufos high in the sky been there for a week now, I seen two of them get together spin in a amazing speed a red light pops up and one of them just flights away at the speed of light<br />check out videos of ufos in Lima Peru no one talks about them, but this is as far the most massive sighting at a time, I&#39;m talking about thousands. People are use to them now incredible!!

  6. Very nice video. This is a good way to film these kind of sightings, showing that there are people looking the sky, to avoid any doubt if it is fake, or not. At the same time is amazing theirs movements. Felicitaciones, muy buena filmación. Luis Alberto from Argentina.

  7. I saw this as well and stopped a cop. He didnt see it but said he would check his car mounted video. I am surprised it was not on the local news. Never seen anything like it!

  8. You are all so damn silly, stupid and paranoid!<br />:( HahaHeheHoooHoooHooo…<br />…Look up in the sky, IT&#39;S SANTA :)!!!

  9. Yeah. This is real. And uh, whoever posted that comment under the name Rooster…you&#39;re stupid. First of all, it may seem to look like ballons on a kite string, but A, how are they up so high, B, they&#39;re glowing, and C, they&#39;re going in different directions. Sooo, unless those kite strings are motor powered I suggest you keep your bad comments to yourself. These are real.

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