Recent video of triangle formation in the sky over Brighton, UK, March 2011

Latest UFO sightings – This video of UFOs or orbs hovering in the sky over Brighton in UK was recorded in March 2011.

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  1. This video are nothing else but popular Chinese ballons.LUS you have to take in consideration this kind of videos,becose we do not see a ufos leaving hovering postion and flay away,and they are short timed taped,about 30 to 40 seconds!!It s always taped at night and from a bit distance.Many people does not know about this ballons.<br />Keep up the great job!!! Tana BiH

  2. lanterns,,look to the stars, and no matter what three stars you look at you will make a triangle,,,peace and love to all…

  3. Can u people not realise these r NOT chinese lanterns….they certainly would not form a triangle shape and most certainly not just hang in one place, lanterns drift all over the place.<br />God I cant believe some peoples comments,if u cant tell the difference, dont comment.

  4. The truth is that with only 45 secs of night footage, it impossible to say what these lights are. However, you cannot immediately classify them as UFOs based on this footage alone.<br /><br />Also, to get angry at people for posting their opinions on an open forum is ignorant. Can you prove that these are NOT Chinese lanterns?<br /><br />Tethered lantern balloons would maintain the same

  5. I saw these lights in the same formation in 2006 over my house in Braintree, essex. I can saw with no doubt that the lights i did see were not Chinese lanterns. As “they” passed over head there was no noise (they passed over head at the speed of a low flying aircraft – 45 seconds total), “they” were fixed in position (they did not change formation)and any light that would be seen in the center of the formation was blocked (stars which could normally be seen were blocked by the mass of the object) I am a rational person who believes everything has an explanation. I have played with the idea of lanterns, weather balloons, air craft and fire works and nothing seems to fit with what i saw that night. 8 years later i still wonder if what i saw is what i think i saw but i can not prove it, but there are times i sit awake at night and wonder.

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