Triangle UFO over Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 29-Mar-2011

Latest UFO sightings – New video of triangle-shaped craft hovering in the sky over Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This footage was recorded on Tuesday, 29th March 2011.

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  1. Jesus, it&#39;s a freakin&#39; airplane! WTF?! <br />There is nothing peculiar about it at all. It absolutely is NOT a UFO by any means. <br />Why would you post this bs?

  2. I might be an &quot;idiot&quot; but I still think this is a normal airplane with landing lights, not a UFO. It&#39;s obvious that this is a fixed wing aircraft moving at normal speed.

  3. Funny, but 2 other people by Pittsburgh posted UFO reports to MUFON&#39;s website for night of 8/29/11 of the same type being claimed here: UFOs mimicking aircraft. Only radar can confirm or deny this.

  4. Hey I was looking at this video in the dark, on my laptop, and I had my head beside the screen it looks like there are 2 seperate objects, crafts connected horizontally —— very similar to the recent one in Indiana really strange stuff

  5. Not sure about Allison videos. But my good freind lives only a few miles from her on about June 23 he saw a huge triangle craft flying east to west over his house in Export which is right next to Murrysville. He was very animated the next day at work telling me this. He witnessed it with 2 friends around 3am. He knows a few others who saw this. He has since witnessed it around the same time 2

  6. My husband and I just saw something odd in Bridgeville (Collier Twp) area tonight about 9:30pm. Triangle lights orange-ish in color. Seemed to just be standing still. As we live close to the airport, we watched 3 planes go around the hovering triangles, so we weren&#39;t confused that this thing or things could have been planes. after about 5 minutes, the lights just &#39;dissolved&#39;. As

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