SETI: Gone to Sleep, or Undercover?

April 30, 2011 – Very recently a scientific endeavor called SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) has been put on hold. SETI is a scientific research program that consists of 42 satellites that are meant to probe deep space in hopes of finding any signs of UFOs or alien civilizations, and has been doing so since 2007. The main sources of funding for this program have been the National Science Foundation and the State of California. However, the 42 satellites have been put into hibernation and will not be doing normal observations anymore. What its new program of observations, if any at all, is now we do not yet know. This new set up will reduce the number of staff needed to monitor and upkeep the equipment, therefore reducing the amount of funding needed.
The reason that has been given by the SETI Institute for this new hibernated state of its equipment is lack of funding. The SETI Institute has also stated that it is looking for new sources of funding in order to keep its research going, including public donation. Pierson, the CEO of the institute, claims to be looking at ways to get the public involved so that the institution does not so heavily rely on government funding as well as opportunities for the ATA (Allan Telescope Array), which the SETI Institute uses, to do work for the United States Air Force to help with funding.
While it cannot be denied that we are in a recession, one has to wonder if there is no ulterior motive to the sudden cut in observations. Certainly, budgets have always been an issue for any government funded program, but this recession we are in is not new by any means. The SETI Institute also seems to be keeping some observations going, though not their normal observations. That begs the question as to why they aren’t stopping observations all together, or changing their scheduled normal observations so that it becomes a part time program instead of full time.
This leads us to the possibility that they have, in fact, received some sort of signal very recently and simply do not wish it to become known. Perhaps, instead of broad, normal observations, they have pin-pointed a location and are focusing in on that. Of course, without further information we can’t draw any solid conclusions, but this case presents questions that aren’t easily answered. (c) 2011
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  1. This SETI partial shutdown is not due to some flimsy excuse about the economy.Its a smokescreen to mask work that has to do with our fellow inhabitants of this unique galaxy and our fascinating universe.Sightings and reports are increasing every second.Why are the World Governments running scared?The realities are at our doorsteps.There's nowhere to hide anymore.Nowhere.

  2. The reason they have stopped their research is because it has become increasingly obvious that any significantly advanced civilization would not use radio waves to transmit information. It is more likely that they would use technology that is beyond our understanding to transmit great distances; radio waves are simply not practical.<br /><br />One of the new ideas is that advanced civilizations

  3. Another good question is why is NASA quitting their so called space program, or shuttle launches? Do we now have the ability to fly our own spaceships that do not require this type of a launch to get into space anymore??

  4. If we have the new types of space ships that can do what the UFOs can then it would be crazy to keep risking the lives of the brave people who go up to space in the old systems . I do not know what is up , but the money problem is worse than most think and it really may not be nothing more than that. Many are not able to spend one more dollar on anything else as a lot of company&#39;s are barely

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