UFOs over Polar Light recorded by NASA’s Skylab III

Youtube poster comment: Video made of images found on NASA’s Gateway Website. The photos show groups / or a fleet of shape-shifting UFO. NASA forgot to edit these photos, which for the first time REALLY show us that there are (alien) lifeforms living on the edge of space. Photos originally taken by Spacelab III. The fleet was photographed over the Polar Light.

I have much more stuff to come soon!!! So stay tuned!!!

For the debunkers and sceptics … eat your heart out on this one and TRY to come up with a logical explanation what we see here!!!
Author (1967sander @ youtube)

More info in the video:

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  1. This shows nothing!<br /> just a bunch of crap floating in space and reflecting light.<br />&quot;blue, orange, blue, orange, blue, white, blue, white&quot;<br />Well Im convinced.

  2. we are being watched by 7 civilizations the major collision are interested to accept us in to their<br />….. but… some working with secret government <br />in order to prevent that contact conspiracy is going on right now byorobots are already here and they have technology far more advance than <br />&quot;nato&quot;

  3. I look at this site every day, and I&#39;m amazed by how this is just simple artifacts of the movement of the earth, the movement of the spacecraft taking them, BUT the most important is the long shutter, and the mechanical nature of the shutter causing the same movement and light streaking/blurring on each shot.<br /><br />I get the same thing when doing long exposures at night. I have to keep

  4. I dont believe this are any aircrafts, u have to imagine making a photo at night from the stars, if u dont hold ur hand steady, a image like this could be the result !

  5. Hi,<br />Hmmm…I don&#39;t see a smoking gun here, but at 2mins 55secs I do see the constellation of Scorpio :)<br />Stars my friend…&quot;and the mechanical nature of the shutter causing the same movement and light streaking/blurring on each shot.&quot;(see above)<br />…doesn&#39;t mean NASA aren&#39;t lying to us tho&#39;, just not in these pictures.<br />Cheers, Sean

  6. Hello,<br /><br />I have read a lot of scepticism / stupid remarks about my video. I too had my doubts about the things I saw.<br />Reflections? Many people say that this the result of reflections, photographic time exposure and other technical issues. Well … I challenge you to show me with some photographic material or a video that you can proof that these anomalies are a result of time

  7. 1967sander. Nothing wrong with scepticism my friend. I certainly don&#39;t see any &quot;stupid&quot; comments posted here, just peoples honest opinions.<br />Upon further review Im now convinced these are simple artifacts caused by pushing the levels of the image. I see this all the time in work as a photographer. Your images show nothing, but thats not to say that they are not appreciated.<br /

  8. The other guys got it right, suck it up already. All the &quot;objects&quot; are aligned in the same direction, clearly indicating time exposure to be the cause for the phenomenon. You&#39;ll just discredit your reasonability further by insisting on your poor judgement.

  9. I did not say this IS the smoking gun, I said it reminds me of the video from the documentary &quot;The Smoking Gun&quot; with Martyn Stubbs.<br /><br />3 Questions:<br /><br />1. I can see this being caused by long shutter speed but why take time exposure shots in space unless you are tracking star movement? They distort everything. <br /><br />2. Are these stars or artifacts? Some are clearly

  10. 1. Low light therefore long exposure needed.<br />2. Possibly both<br />3. A long exposure will throw up all kinds of crap.

  11. Thanks Adolf. <br /><br />Unfortunate for Sander but the burden of proof lies on his shoulders. These explanations seem reasonable to me.

  12. It&#39;s too early to conclude that it was all caused by long / short exposure times. The crew of Skylab 3 used a Nikon F motordrive camera but that is all info NASA gives about the photos. When we would have access to the cameradata, shutterspeed, focus, type lens etcetera than we can see who is right. Now it&#39;s too early to say that I was wrong. Besides have you checked my youtube channel? I

  13. I believe it! Just think about it were made up of Chemical,Mineral,Bacteria you know Chemistry stuff well basicly everything is..TRUE?.. How do ya think the whole solar system formed! And just looking at the Different forms of crafts or what ever it is! They look similar to germs you see through a Microscope and my theory on the colors that it could be energy electrode fields..!….? SERIOUSLY i

  14. I know i am new and late to the party, but in reading the comments I have to note that Sander disclaims having made claims that these are alien in nature, but from your introduction, I quote you:<br />&quot;NASA forgot to edit these photos, which for the first time REALLY show us that there are (alien) lifeforms living on the edge of space&quot;<br />Also not sure we can tell the distance of

  15. Hi there!<br /><br />Sorry but this no debris from a volcano. These photos were taken in 1973!!! No eruption at that time that may have caused this phenomenae. The location is overhead the South Pole, not the North Pole so no Scorpio either. You cannot see stars on the earth surface. <br /><br />Greetz,<br /><br />Sander

  16. hi there yourself, sanders! <br />excuse my confusion…i believe you stated in your video that the lights below were the aurora borealis…not australis. nor did you provide a date, which space flight or astronaut who took the pictures, etc…so wrong of me to assume these pics weren&#39;t almost 40 years old, eh? <br />I don&#39;t think anyone said they saw stars ON the earth&#39;s surface…

  17. I have a feeling Sander knows what he&#39;s talking about as amateur astronomer. If he has decades of experience with stargazing with telescopes and long exposure times etc, he&#39;ll know better than most on this site what he&#39;s looking at and should not have to answer to anyone. I think he put this out as &quot;food for thought&quot; and let people find their own explanations. I certainly

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