Huge bright stationary orb over Minsk, Belorussia 4-Jun-2011

LUFOS – New footage of huge bright object or orbs hovering stationary in the sky over Minsk in Belorussia was recorded on Saturday, 4th June 2011.
After a while, the orb simply disappeared.

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  1. With only 15 seconds of footage it is impossible to say what this is. It might just be the light of the setting sun reflecting off the fuselage of an airplane. <br /><br />Tough call, too bad there wasn&#39;t more footage here.

  2. Bright enough to reflect off the water orange. Limitations of cheap cams to get that color correctly–but still, the color is orange. Orange is the color of choice of the spherical UFOs initially when presenting. Dimming out is common trait, though usually still present in the sky if people were looking with the proper equipment. They do not just vanish.

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