Latest 2011 crop circles from Netherlands and UK

New 2011 Crop circles:

16th June – Hoeven in Netherlands.

18th June – Cow Drove Hill near Kings Somborne, Hampshire, UK

18th June – Bluestone Heath Road, Worlaby nearr Louth in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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  1. those crop circles are a crock of lies..look at the path ways that lead out from them..real crop circles have none what so ever ..

  2. The first two definitely look fake. The third could be real but need an aerial view. The true crop circles are eerily perfect as if cut by a laser. The lines are perfect, not fatter on one end or off centered. If you compare the fakes to the real ones, the real ones are unmistakable. the stalks that are flattened are also done with precision,all the plants are equally bent/flattened making a

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