UFO activity over Germany 17-Jun-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – New video of UFO activity in the night sky over Germany. This was recorded on 16th and 17th June 2011.
Witness report: Dozens of Ufo orbs visiting us! Infrared Recording
This video was taken in Germany with a Yukon Ranger nightvision scope!
These objects were not visible to the naked eyes but satelites are! Think about the amount of objects,these things arent satelites!
You will see the difference between a plane and an orb! An orb has no flashing light and you will see the difference of the light source!
Sceptics will never believe but maybe the amount of your so called satelites which were not visible to the naked eye,will let you think about it!
Author (Reen1411 @ youtube)

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  1. Ok getting to involved can make you think anything you see you can't see clear is a ufo come on people heli's move faster than that

  2. Ok who ever is involved in making judgement on comments on this site ,I'm not impressed cause I've yet to see my comments on here .I see you only put what you want on here .Must be scared of what you believe in or are in doubt of everything you believe in .Sometimes we need someone to open a new door to help put our thoughts in a new direction on the reality that stands before us.Many

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