A History of UFOs and the US Presidents

July 14, 2011 – Throughout the history of America, many of the country’s presidents have tried to gather information on and claimed to have seen Unidentified Flying Objects. Some of those presidents claim their first sighting before their presidency, some during, but many of them also try to gather information on and research these anomalies. For some of them it is a matter of defense and for others it is a matter of personal and technological interest, but it seems to be consistently present.
President Harry S. Truman was interested in learning more about UFOs and in 1948 ordered reports made every three months about UFO activity. When a great influx of sightings occurred in July of 1952, he gave the order to shoot down any Unidentified Flying Objects, likely worried about what that influx could mean for the safety of the country.
In 1952, during this reported influx of UFO sightings, Dwight D. Eisenhower (a general at the time) also witnessed a UFO after landing on one of the ships in a NATO fleet not far from England. The UFO was sighted as he landed in his helicopter around 1:30 in the morning. The flying craft was blueish white and hovered approximation 30 meters over the water for ten minutes.
In January of 1972 there was a story about a couple living in Oklahoma accidentally overhearing a call about Unidentified Flying Objects being picked up on radar over the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The call also said that something fell into the Pacific, then urged someone to call the President. The call ended with a voice very similar to Nixon’s coming on the line. This call broke in when the wife of the couple was on the phone to her mother.

President Kennedy also had an interest in UFOs, his concern being that the large number of them being sighted over Russia might be mistaken for American aircraft. He feared this would lead to retaliation by the Russians. There are some theories that his interest and inquisition into these matters were somehow related to his death.
President Reagan also reported seeing UFOs, and during the private screening of ET at the White House he made a comment about how accurate the movie was. It was passed off as a joke, but given his avid interest in UFOs, one wonders. President Carter also claimed to have seen a UFO, and worked to declassify reports of UFOs during his presidency.
Many of our presidents have some tie or another to UFOs and their research, and the trend will likely continue through the years, perhaps until we discover the proof of something out there. 
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