Strange unidentified flying objects over Colorado Springs on 4th of July 2011

Latest UFO sightings – Photos of unknown objects near the fireworks on 4th of July 2011. This was taken in Colorado Springs.
Witness report: My husband took these photos on July 4th around 9:30 pm MDT from our home balcony using a Canon T2i digital camera (18 Meg) set at ISO 800 and for 10 second exposures. Each picture was taken 30 seconds apart. With those settings, any objects like airplanes, fireworks, an even helicopters would show a trail. Even the stars, if you zoom in, would show a small trail due to the earth rotation during 10 seconds of exposure.
The flying objects in the photos were pretty steady in their positions, except that they seem to appear and disappear without leaving a trail.
These objects were not visible with the naked eye. These photos of UFO’s were taken by accident. I went to get the camera to take some photos of the fire works, but my husband wanted to take them instead (since he takes astronomy pics as his hobby, he felt he could do better with night time photos). Notwithstanding he forgot to change the sensitivity from 800 to maybe about 100, which in turn allowed the UFOs to show up (while ruining my firework pics:))

We thought we share them with people who are devoted to UFO research ! Take care
Author: Regina
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  1. On July 4th, 2016 4 of us seen 15 glowing objects in the sky NO it wasn’t fireworks , we watched as they flew behind the fireworks, they looked like orange / red balls of light. We live in the flight path of COS Airport and PAFB, and these objects flew on a DIFFERANT path. They just coming more and more of them and when they got to the same spot in the sky the all just winked out and where GONE. They didn’t fly away they Disappeared, They were NOT airplanes or helicopters that had NO aviation lights, they made NO sound at all. They were UFO’s I’m not saying they were Aliens but Unidentified Flying Objects.
    Go to my FB page for several videos of these UFO’s

  2. too many people too quick to pass everything off as earthbound..SO when the truth really comes out that these are real UFOS theres going to be alot of people wanting medication as they are not going to be able to handle the truth BECAUSE OF FEAR…SO SUCK IT UP LOL…

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