Daytime UFO over Georgia, USA 7-Jul-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – Recent footage of the same daytime UFO activity as this one recorded in Mexico in the late June (link). This one was recorded in the sky over Georgia in United States on Thursday, 7th July 2011.

What do you think this is? A plane or something else? Leave your comments below!

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  1. I saw something vaguely like this a number of years ago. You might think it was a plane but there is usually no visible fuselage or wings.<br /><br />Correct me if I&#39;m wrong but its difficult to see how these can be flames emanating from jet engines. <br /><br />1. The flames are much too long compared with the alleged fuselage.<br />2. There is no smoke trail. If it were a jet engine burning

  2. These closeup shots are not meaningful when there is nothing in the frame that offers a broader perspective for comparison.

  3. I own this video, I shot it and more. It was NOT taped on July 7,2011. Please contact Global UFO for verification I have been in touch. I expect you to make the date correction, it is the truth.I have another minute to share if you will make the change. Otherwise remove my vid. I do not know who posted my video.

  4. I saw the same thing in St Louis a week and half ago at about 3 in the afternoon. This is the reason that I googled UFO and found this sight. It looked like something falling and my husband and I watched it for at least 3 minutes expecting it to hit something or the ground. Then it changed direction very quick and went away from us and it was just gone. Never have seen anything and this is the

  5. I saw this in Georgia and I remember it absolutely did not move it just hung motionless in the sky. I was on the interstate driving at a high rate of speed and the object never moved, got bigger, smaller anything at all. I remember thinking “I am not prepared to process this right now” thinking it was a UFO and I forgot about it until I ran across this video! It’s amazing and this is a valid true video!

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