Alleged UFO Technology behind the Presence of Aliens Down Under

The death of Philip Schneider on January 16, 1996 was mysterious. His death happened after doing many controversial lectures all over the U.S., such as Denver where he dealt with topics like black helicopters, Space-Defense, railroad cars developed with shackles, extraterrestrials, UFOs and the top secret black budget. 
Philip Schneider claimed to be an ex-government structural engineer who assisted construct deep underground military bases (DUMB) all over the U.S. He as well claimed to be 1 of only 3 people to survive the 1979 event between the U.S. military and alien Grays at the underground base in Dulce, New Mexico. 
After he could not agree with their expenditures, secrecy and unconstitutional activities, Schneider retired voluntarily from military service. His ex-wife, Cynthia Drayer is convinced that Philip Schneider was killed mainly because he openly exposed the reality regarding the U.S. government’s participation with UFOs. 
Schneider indicated in one of his lectures that the Black Budget is a secretive spending budget that collects 25% of the gross national product of the U.S. The Black Budget allegedly utilizes $1.25 trillion each year. The said amount is utilized in black programs, including those engaged with 129 deep underground military bases in the country and UFO.
Philip Schneider recounted that was taking part in creating an add-on to DUMB at Dulce, which is most likely the deepest base. His task was to go down the holes and take a look at the rock samples, and suggest the explosive to handle with the certain rock. As he was going down there, he found himself, together with his companion, around a big cavern that was full of extraterrestrials, otherwise regarded as large Greys. He shot 2 of them. During that moment, there were thirty individuals down there. Around forty more arrived after this began, and all of the aliens got slain. They had surprised an entire underground base of active aliens. Later on, they discovered that the aliens had been residing on Earth for a long time, possibly a million years. Schneider pointed out that this could demonstrate a lot of what is in back of the hypothesis of ancient astronauts and UFOs. 
Schneider got shot in the chest with one of the aliens’ weapons, which was a box on their body that fires a nasty amount of cobalt radiation. He has had cancer because of that.
Schneider said that he did not actually get serious in UFO technology until he began work at Area 51, north of Las Vegas. After around 2 years recuperating following the 1979 incident, he went again to work for EG&G, Morrison and Knudson and other firms.
Philip Schneider also unveiled a lot of information related to the believed deep underground base under International Airport of Denver. He claimed these underground bases were all over the U.S. and they all were linked by a super highway.
Oscar Schneider, Philip’s father, was also claimed to have worked on top secret government undertakings such as the Philadelphia Experiment, which is the debated report of the U.S. Navy who allegedly made their huge ship unseen for a short period of time. Philip and his family were reported to have been experienced harassment from government agents including his daughter who tells she was being observed and watched at school. Philip’s ex-wife Cynthia Drayer does not think that he was committing suicide.
Schneider’s death continues to be a mystery; there are stories that he committed suicide and information that he was being tortured using piano wire around his neck. There are some other reports indicating that he had a heart stroke.
No one may ever find out the reality of Schneider’s statements but there is no question that he was an informative person and that he had a few very disturbing and questionable details to claim. (c) 2011
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  1. 80 miles west of Orem Utah south of the bonniville salt flats is a base just to the north the entrance to a underground base ufo's fly in and out heading south toward area 51 the place where they are sometimes seen area 51 is a decoy.

  2. i love this site, but this is a very poor representation of what phil talked about in his lectures. youtube this subject and dodge the obviously quick to print story here. while not totally sold on his story, it does present some very interesting ideas.

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