Mainstream Media reports about UFOs over Major Cities – 2011

More and more undeniable sightings of UFOs produced over major cities. There is clearly a progressive disclosure which is going on, this phenomenon is recent and new.
The so called extraterrestrials deliberatly show themselves in order to make the people and the mainstream media speak about them, even Hollywood has released 11 movies on the extraterrestrials just during this year 2011.

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  1. They actually seem to be taking this seriously. Siting professionals the airport confirmation, the military, and their own photographer who caught the orbs is about as surprising as the orbs themselves.

  2. Not to be a party pooper but when is someone with a really good camera, lens, night sensitivity and a tripod going to take some better images? <br /><br />I was really surprised that no one in Manhattan could get anything better than the usual wiggly stuff — and that was in broad daylight.

  3. A hundred meter devestation to an area of Argentina compliments of the North Americans resulting as death of practically all living organisms in that area isn&#39;t something to be laughed about! Serious enough for you! I repaid the aliens back about their problem causing and threats to populations that is unacceptable behaviour and these situations can get to be a terrible disease! Obviously

  4. You can&#39;t fly in a commercial craft without getting your body x-rayed, yet the authorities have the nerve to &quot;not know&quot; what is in American airspace?<br /><br />I smell a rat!

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