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Altadena, CA – 11/5/2011
At approximately 7:00pm a bright, round ball of light that we presumed to be a planet began to rapidly move across the sky. The object had no navigation lights. It was not moving in a straight course, rather a seemingly jagged line. The object was traveling at a very high altitude, much higher than any of the planes we could confirm were in fact planes. We did not have enough time to photograph the object as it moved out of sight before we could get a camera or phone to the scene.
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Michigan City, Indiana – 11-04-2011
I do not have a video I wish I did ….. I saw 3 big flashes of lights on Welnetz Rd and of course I thought it was lightning thinking wow its going to rain….. I thought the light was kinda of weird it lit up the sky and then 2 more times faster than the first….. I deliver in the night so my coworker calls and said did u see that I said yes she also thought it was going to ran…. as I headed east she said look up and this craft was in the sky moving with all of these lights I mean lights bright as a star…. So when I got out of my jeep it disappeared just like that…
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La Cienaga/rodeo rd, L.A. – November 4, 2011
was walking to my car at 5:30 am on the 4th of nov. i always look at the sky, i saw 3 stars and only 3 stars.. the sky was totally black ,except for these 3 white lights. they were positioned like a pyrmid .i thought it looked ood, so i stopped and just stared for a little bit. i’m not sure if they were moving or the clouds . it did however shift positions alittle .i tried to take a pic but my camera phone didn’y take. then the clouds blew in . AGAIN, they were in a pyrmid formation and seemed NOT NORMAL.. i’m just shocked there were other reports like mine.
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West Allis, Wisconsin, USA – nov 4 2011
This looked like a huge red ball of fire coming toward us and then going away. This was located approximately about 60 degrees up from horizon and in the northwest sky. It traversed a small amount of the sky heading what is perceived to be north and was able to be seen for about 1 minute. There were 4 total people in the group that stated this is totally unidentified and unique.
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Llandybie Carmarthenshire, UK – weds 3rd November 2011
Triangular bright white light object travelling from ground upwards at a very fast speed, through cloud level, no sound 3 white circular lights close together in a triangular shape, very bright and very clear….i honestly could not explain what i saw, approx 9:30 pm, lasted about 6 seconds then broke cloud cover and faded out
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Austria 8720-Knittelfeld – 03-11-2011 18Uhr
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San Marcos, San Elijo Hills, California – 11/2/11
Wednesday night 10:45 @ night, I was pulling away from my copper creek apartment complex looking at the dark sky with my car, I glanced up on the corner of my eye and I see a white bright light right up in the sky off of Elfin Forest rd. It looked like a really bright star without any pulsation. There is light pollution all over San Marcos, but if you live around Elfin Forest rd. most of the light pollution is gone. For a second I thought that was the north star, the second I glance to look around for the actual north star, I immediately saw the white light go from 0 to a million under a second, no acceleration, no noise, just a straight out jolt through the sky. Me and my friend both were amazed and shocked, it got goose bumps running down our backs. We parked out on the side of Elfin ! Forest rd. and continuously for 30 minutes tried to look in the sky and find it again. My friend immediately reports another light which hes seen for a second, I immediately turn my head and see a glimpse of the jolt maneuver the UFO did.
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Empire State Building, New York – 11/2/11
It was at 7 o’clock i was doing my homework then i saw a huge object flying very slowly over the Empire State Building my mom saw it and also my stepfather saw that huge object it had a lot of lights i swear i was scared i thought it was an invasion…im so angry cos my cellphone didnt have battery so i couldnt record or take a picture but i guess some1 did it IT WAS HUGE!
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D’Iberville, MS, USA – 11/2/2011 05:00-05:15 AM CST
I walked outside to smoke a cigarette this morning, and I looked up in the sky as I normally do. I immediately noticed a flash of light, about the brightness of a distant radio tower, or the star Betelgeuse. A few seconds later I saw the flash again. It seemed too far apart so I started counting seconds, and it was flashing once every 13 seconds. There were no other lights. My brother came out and we watched it together for about 10 minutes. It remained completely stationary for this time, about 65 degrees from the horizon, in the south sky.
I had him keep an eye on it while I went in to get my telescope. As I came out he said he cound see faint activity around the object (other very faint lights). By the time I was able to get my telescope oriented, the object began to move slowly, and it moved about 10 degrees of sky over a minute before fading away. I was never able to view it in my telescope before it disappeared.
The object started stationary exactly halfway between Gamma Gemini and Aldebaran about 5 degrees off that line towards Lamda Orionis, and traveled about 10-15 degrees East South East before fading. We watched the sky for 45 more minutes and never saw it again, although we did see what appeared to be a satelite traveling due south almost exactly across where we saw the object. We also saw probably 10 meteors during that hour. Viewing conditions were optimal, able to see around -4 magnitude objects with the naked eye. My first thought was that it was a stealth helicopter at high altitude possibly being used for IR viewing of the coast for border patrol in Biloxi, but 13 second strobes seems too long to be aircraft, and any strobe at all seems pointless for a stealth craft. The speed that it moved away would have been airplane speed at 30,000 feet or helicopter speed at 10,000 feet. It was *definitely* not a plane, and seemed to high to be a commercial helicopter.
I spend a lot of time looking at the sky as an amateur astronomist and have never really believed in a real E.T. presence on earth, however i have NEVER seen anything like this. I wish I had a video camera handy.
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Birmingham, UK – 1/11/11
i seen lights in the sky last nite it is the second time iv seen it in a week, 3 lights flying together accross my house 5 minutes later there was 3 more lights again followed by a bright ball of light… could someone please tell me if they seen the same unfortaly i have been unable to get a photo as yet its to fast
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Laingsburg, MI – Nov 1st, 2011
Around 730pm(ish) I told my girlfriend I was going to make a run to the store for some snacks, as i walked to my vehicle i looked up into the sky, as usual(i have a very high fascination with the night sky) and saw a bright star like object right in the big dipper constellation…it began to move towards me and the planet venus, which is very visible each and every night…it moved very slowly, at first i obviously thought it was a airplane…but my fascination for planes is just as large as the night i instantly knew it was not a plane…the lighting on it was much to bright, their were no blinking lights, like normal, and the speed it was traveling was much to slow to be any plane that i have i continued to watch it…after about a minute..i went inside to get my! girlfriend..she came out quickly and we both watched it for about 2 or 3 minutes it ended up right about venus, then within 10-20 seconds it faded away and quickly disappeared…now the way i know it was not a airplane is that..the bright lighting, the non blinking lights that 99.99% of planes have at night, the speed, and most of all the way it just faded away then disappeared..most planes youll see the blinking lights for a long time before they disappear, normally..this just faded then was gone. maybe i believe to much in UFO’s that i made myself believe it was one..but this is the first time i have ever seen one in 22 years old and have been fascinated with this for sometime…if i could maybe get an explanation i would be so grateful !
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Kaycee, Wy (Wyoming) – October 31 2011
I am an over the road truck driver and I had just left the Kaycee, Wy. rest area heading south bound towards Cheyenne, Wy approximately around 4:30am. I noticed a bright light in the sky out of the front passenger window and thought it was just a bright star since there were no clouds. The closer I got to the light I noticed red lights on the top and the lower half was bright white lights. The only way I can describe the shape is an upside down funnel like you would use on a car. No blinking lights and it did not move, it hovered. I wasn’t sure what I was watching and then it moved at lightning speed and then stopped again. I was freaked out so I pulled my truck over as quickly as I could. I jumped out of the truck with my camera so I could take a picture but by the time I got to the ba! ck of the trailer to look up in the sky I couldn’t find it anywhere. There was another passer by that had stopped also but they took off before I could talk the them about what it might have been. I know it wasn’t an aircraft, there was no sounds even after I had stopped and I have never seen anything move that quickly through the sky. I’ve only told two people since early this morning and they both think I’m crazy or that I saw something else. I know what I saw and I can’t debunk it in any way. It’s upsetting to know that I tried to share what I saw with these two and I’m now a crazy person.
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El Cajon (south skies, almost over Mt. Helix), California – October 31, 2011
I don’t know how to explain what I saw! Never saw anything like this EVER! It still bothers me today, Nov.1 2011, so I decided to look up sighting reports online to see if anyone else saw anything.
I stepped out side to have a smoke, and looked up to the south, and saw two BRIGHT lights slightly at an angle to each other. They were at least as bright as the moon, and at first, I thought they were stars. Almost immediately I realized that they were too big to be so, and I stepped backwards a bit back into my house, trying to confirm in my mind that they weren’t part of Orion’s belt.
Seeing that there were only two, I stepped back out my door and looked to compare their brightness with other stars that might be out. The other stars were barely visible and at this moment, I realized that they were way to big to be stars anyway! I heard no noise at all, and they remained in the sky dead still.
Just as I was going to call other family members to come and see what I was seeing (I did yell, but the Charger game was on and no one came at first, LOL) the lights suddenly shot off at an enormous rate of speed towards the west. and were gone! I simply couldn’t fathom what could possibly fly so fast, without any sound, and from a dead standstill!
I feel a bit silly reporting this, but can’t get over what I saw. I am surprised that, with as many trick-or-treaters out this night, that no one else saw it. Perhaps they did, but I’ve heard nothing about it on the news etc., so I thought I’d see if anyone online saw anything.
Don’t really know what else to say, except that if anyone else saw it too, let me know please! Thanks so much…
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Kolkata Westbengal, India – 30 october 2011
Saw 6 glowing objects hovering here and there in the southern direction of india for about 5 to 6 mins in a radius of what lokked like 10 m.
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Winnipeg, MB, Canada – oct 30 2011
I am not sure what these object were but they just appeared behind my house in the middle of the afternoon. The objects were hovering and moving very very slow, they were bright and there was not a cloud in the sky,I ran to get my camera and started to take pictures but they vanished just like that I got three pics. The pictures were taken from my patio door. I am a little spooked.

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Porsaeed, Egypt – 29 October 2011
I was in Porsaeed ,near Suez Canal. I saw a red object flying with a high speed and approaching earth. I knew it wasn’t a plane from the way it was moving. I quickly parked my car , grabbed my Iphone and opened the video camera. I am really sad that I wasted like 1 minuted for this process because it was sooo clear.
When I finally opened my camera , it was already at a low level ,travelling very fast. Its lights went off and then speed increased further and vanished.
Also it was nearby ,there was no noise.
Youtube video link:
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Phoenix, AZ – 10/29/11
Around 8 p.m. I was on my way to the park and as we were driving I looked up in the sky and saw a red and green light next to each other that were blinking. What threw me off was it didn’t seem too be moving and it didn’t have white lights like you normally see with planes. I live 10 minutes away from sky harbor so I’m use to planes passing by and what they they look like. As we drove I kept my eye on it and it looked so small because it seemed some what close to the ground and I was able to make out the shape of a triangle, the lights were at the ends of the triangle but the front had no light. As we passed I just saw the green light and it was probably a mile long drive and we made a u turn went back and by then I just saw the red and I could also se a ball of light not far from the ! u.f.o that seemed to be too close to be a star.
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near Surry, Va Nuclear Power Plant – On October 20, 2011 at about 0630 hours.
I just got off work and got into my car and looked at the west sky. I noticed two bright stars. The bright circle shape craft started moving in 180 degree angle drops and a 45 degree rise. I saw a third that was not as bright. I watched this go on for about 20 seconds and all three disappeared. There was several other people who witness the same thing.
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Chillioroya, Cusco-Peru SA – Oct 20th 2011
We were driving down a pass over 14000 ft in the southern part of Cusco (Chillioroya) Peru, very high in the Andes, going to our spiritual center when suddenly an object jumped down the mountain, it seemed like it was going to crash against our 4WD, when getting so close it flipped to the right side and went flat, we could count their engines, devices or wheels, 4 of them and each had 12 lights, one in the middle and in the corners of the huge ufo 2 big lights, the speed, the maneuvers and the sound were unbelievable..we were astonished to have this close encounter and to be able to see it so close, it’s been an experience
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New York City – Oct 15 2011 2:28pm
We have been capturing numerous objects in the skies above New York City. We would like the photos to be analyzed. We have some as recent as yesterday, Nov.4, 2011 but wanted to submit this one first. Also we have been using of late both video camera and still cameras to document these events so that we could see if there was malfunction, it has not been the case. I have sent both original photo which when zoomed in you will discover lots of interesting anomalies, second photo is one of the anomalies in the photo. This is our website where we have begun posting many photos and videos we have taken over the last year.
Vincent (
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Johannesburg, South Africa – 14 Oct 2011
One of the guys at the office took this Video on his Blackberry! His son told him the stars is moving!
When he told me he took a video of a UFO, i discribed it to him before he showed me the Footage! Because i saw this same triangle formation in the 1990’s either in 1995 or 1996 in Klerkdorp North West Province in South Africa. The formation looks the same as the Phoenix lights wich i saw on this website also. Please play the video slowly because this thing really move !
Video link:
De Jager
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south of Chiangmai, Thialand – 1 Oct 2011
I was observing the shining of Jupiter at around 4am through my window, it looked to me like a double star at the time, then suddenly one bright light like a comet and then another one, dropped out of the Jupiter sphere and hovered there and then began moving across the sky headed due East. I ran outside and with binoculars observed these orbs traveling East, then the two bright orbs traveling together towards the East and North about a fingertip distant from each other began to move very fast, as they continued above me one of the orbs shot away from the other, then very quickly they ‘hyperspaced’ away into the Eastern horizon and then just disappeared. I was in awe. The whole thing lasted less than 1 minute. the color of the lights that I perceived was a golden-orange.
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Heading SE leaving Bellevue Wash on Highway – Aug 21 2011
Driving and in the top of my front window a flying object came smoothly into view (like an aircraft). It looked like a normal sized aircraft but my attention focused on the blue light in the middle. Then it looked to be not moving because it was probably going away from us. Out of nowhere, it looked to go so fast away from us and disppeared so quickly it was like a slap to the face. Literally disappeared in the sky but you clearly saw the motion going away from us. And the disappearance did not look normal. It had an up and outward motion. Me and my friends saw it and it was on a highway in plain sight. Wanting to know if there were other sightings that day as well. Graduated college so i aint no crazy.
– – – – – – – – – –
Rosignano Marittimo, Livorno, Italy – end of July 2011
[direct translate from Italian language] view of a light yellow / orange at about 23.00, which proceeded with a non-linear, about 5000mt altitude. Considering that the area above the sighting was about Pisa airport, the rate did not correspond to that of a plane, just as the lights and the altitude. The light has proceeded for about three minutes dall’avvistamento with this strange performance, when in a few moments and then suddenly, the light is directed upwards disappearing. The event was also attended by my wife.
The personal analysis is that the type of light, course, speed, altitude and especially the way the light is gone in the opposite direction to the earth plane, it absolutely does not correspond to an airplane, a balloon will aereostatico .
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Talbotton, Georgia, United States – 7/25/2010
ok well dureing the summer i always set out my deer camera out in the woods well i put this camera on a “clear cut” woods cut down. i’m not sure if it is a UFO but the lights move with the object i’ve several pictures but it’s not enough to really examine the object because in the pictures i can show you a day time picture and a night time picture. IT’S NOT A TRUCK OR ANYTHING THAT CAN HAVE LIGHTS THAT BRIGHT TO GET CLOSE ENOUGH TO A DEER BECAUSE IN ONE OF THESE PICTURES THE DEER IS UNALERT! also in the back ground on top there is a road but like i said these are not tamed deer they are wild and scitish so whatever this was did not make any noise please view and if you would like to see all 15 photos also take into consideration that this is a motion censor camera but i think ! the deer was triggering the camera and it just so happen to catch this but honestly how many things have 6 lights and the object moves at an angel at one point please e mail back! also the weird part is in the day time that brush is thick and those lights were bright enough for my camera to pick up on so this was pretty big.

– – – – – – – – – –
Southeast Alabama. Salem, Alabama – July 4
The UFO was round saucer shaped, silver in color, it had oblong shaped lights around it on the side facing me, it also had no writing or markings on the sixe facing me. I have tried sending you several messages but lost the messages on my cellphone. The UFO was large in size and in plain sight for 30 minutes from 8:30 to 9:00. Two other people were in my yard watching it. Whsn I went inside to get my cellphone to take a picture it was gone when I came back outside. It was a scary feeling seeing it. We decided our government must have built it as we live 25 milez from Foft Benning, Georgia and usually the sky is full of jets and planes as tlo the Columbus Airport is about 25 miles away. I did not get a picturd of the UFO.
– – – – – – – – – –
Treaty line ramp Liberty, Indiana – May 5,2010 2-5 a.m.
Itcame in from the north ,hovered above the trees,moved side to side several times each time it stopped it flashed an lit up the whole woods then after about ten to fifteen minutes of doing this it landed
– – – – – – – – – –
Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK – January 2010
Last winter during the heavy snowfall I saw something that I am still completely at a loss to explain.
It was late afternoon and I was walking along the clifftop back to my house on Wadgate Road and there was a strange occurence. To descibe it as an unusual mist does not do it justice as there was a swirl of something but it seemed to have more shape, more solidity, more tecture than simple air, cloud or gas. I would say it was between 100 and 200 feet wide but only a few feet thick and yet it changed shape and seemed to variate between being a fair distance away and then so close you could almost touch it.
I should stress at this point that I do not drink and hold no great belief in such things but this was quite literally out of this world.
– – – – – – – – – –
Kiev city (capital), Ukraine (UA) – from 2004-06 ’till now
1. UFOs at night sky very often.
2. Not massive flights (fews)…
3. ~after 22:00/23:00 one bright spot at sky… all other sky is dark clear.
Piotr K
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  1. Just saw anrmada of orbs. Coming from north sky they look like segals fling south for the winter. I took out my binaculars to see them up close. The were a perfect round shape like balons only they were all black in color and just one was blue actually some were white. Weird how I keep seeing them in sky as of late.

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