UFO seen in North of Brazil (rainforest area) everyday for the last 15 years

This UFO case was submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings by our reader Eduardo, a brazilian living in Germany

UFO seen in North of Brazil (rainforest area) everyday for the last 15 years and it has even a time to appear: from 18:40 on

A misterious light that appears in Iata district is intriguing the people that live in that region. The local TV sent reporters there to find out a bit more about this phenomenon

In Iata, a district of Guarajá Mirim, everybody is talking about the appearing of a light that changes its colours and intensity and is seen more often in the seventh vicinal line of the district. People gather in front of the houses to talk about the phenomenon.
The interviewed people claim they do not know what this is, but they are convinced it is not a prank or anything made by humans, they claim that it is some unknown natural phenomenon.
The oldest people in the area sustain that the light has been appearing for 15 years around that place and that many legends exist about that mistery.
Cleide found out about this story recently, so she gathered then friends and went to the place and went to the 7th line of the Iata:
“arriving there, we confirmed the presence of the light. It was still distant, so we later came closer. When it appeared for the 3rd time, from the woods came yet another light and went in the direction of the first. The first light took distance from the 2nd, then it vanished and the 2nd light vanished right after it, then I said to my friends: let’s get the truck and go even closer! When I went down the slope, it appeared again, as if it were a sun above my head and I said ‘I will go through it!”, I speeded up and the light disappeared into the ground, so it could not have been some vehicle or a lantern because it vanished into the ground. It is indeed some misterious thing that appears and disappears and you cannot explain from where.
Leile ribeiro says: According to the people that have seen such misterious light, the best place to witness the phenomenon is from this point, 6 kilometers away from BR425 and a detail: it has a scheduled time to start appearing: 18:40.
It went dark so we went to the place. It took only some minutes of waiting and a point of yellow light crosses the road and disappears into the wood. Some seconds later, the light is red and looks like the light of a motorcycle, it disappears suddenly. The darnkess comes and the phenomenon is then more intense, sometimes it looks like fire. At this moment, the light splits in two, goes back to its initial form and then vanishes again. (lame x-files song) This night, it appeared at least 7 times. To witness the misterious light even became an entertainment for couples. After the news spreaded about the supernatural (?) phenomenon, the vicinal lines became crowded at night but people are asked not to turn on any motorcycle lights in order not to inhibt the misterious light.
notes: above is just a translation of the important information, I added nothing. BR425 is the name of a federal road. This place is a small town in the middle of the rainforest at Rondônia State, Northwest of Brazil, almost at the border with Bolívia.
Btw, Brazil is a land with a lot of ufo activity, and they do seem to be concentrated on some key areas in the country. Repression is very effective and most tv, radio or newspapers do not allow such information – this was a fortunate exception.

All 3 parts of the TV report are avaliable in this player below!

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  1. Incredible that this has been going on for 15 years without the rest of the world knowing-Finally it came-Thank u a lot Brazil

  2. again;lights are not ships;lets bring a 'ship' down for examination.Then all controversey or most of it will be ended.Prepare.Don't worry about the gov sticking their ……..into the situation.I beleive we have had enuff of black ops that benefit only the elite;while said elite claim 'FOR THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE".IF our airspace(the peoples air space)is being VIOLATED,then we

  3. Broadcast quality camera, tripod, crew and they can&#39;t zoom in???<br /><br />Were these the real lights or a re-enactment?

  4. These lights appear in Mexico all the time. Last time i went to visit family there, my cousins had told me and my brothers about the lights and they actually believe they are witches. They told us they appear at a certain time on certain nights. So we went to go see and sure enough the lights appeared at the time they said and went across the sky from one hill to another. I personally don&#39

  5. There are more than 3 trillion stars in our galaxy and beyond this galaxy of our own is another more than trillions of another stars. the probability of another Life is very, very high.

  6. im 32 and im tired oand very frustrated , that at this point there is no single actual proof of any of this , i mean , videos are always crappy , photos are always faked and , if this phenomena is since 50&#39;s , why anyone has come up with undeniable truth , the fact that are &quot;ships&quot; in the sky it doesnt mean are from another planet , maybe its hand made , and maybe its top secret

  7. What a load of complete rubbish.<br /><br />Seen eerynight for 15 years and this is the best anyone can do. Absolutely pathetic.<br /><br />I once had an open mind to all this sort of thing but having looked at quite a lot of these sites realise there&#39;s nothing to it.<br /><br />Apart from anything else, it really would be impossible in this day and age to hide the evidence. There is no

  8. Another bunch of crappy comments.<br />&#39;There&#39;s no proof&#39;.<br />Well, there&#39;s no proof for you idiots that don&#39;t bother to look.<br />You might want to look at the NSA website, and the Intelligent extra-terrestrial messages they released to the public years ago.<br />They don&#39;t know what it says as they cant work it out.<br />Why do you doubting thomas&#39;s bother coming

  9. Really? Please? What a load of crap! If you believe this tripe, I&#39;ve got some real estate for sale on the ocean floor if you&#39;re interested? People don&#39;t be so gullible, or at least smoke less pot…

  10. Hey, anonymous (1:35 AM, Dec 28, 2011), that&#39;s some crazy shit you&#39;re saying, if you can&#39;t find the bibles with god riding on a spaceship, how do you know they existed? I&#39;m not suprised you won&#39;t give your email, I didn&#39;t think you would have access to a computer in a locked ward.

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