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Your UFO reports: 26th November – 3rd December 2011
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Oceanside, California – Dec/4/2-11
Saw this object silently moving from camp penelton marine base moving into oceanside city airspace , too slow to be plane too quiet to be helicopter, had a strobbing light and appeared quite diffrent in the 2 pictures i was able to take of it, it appears that 1 pic caught it at peek strobe and the other at no stobe revealing sum sort of structure. not my first sighting but 1st time i got some pictures

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Connersville, Indiana – 12/3/11
We were driving back home from Indianapolis and it was dark on 1 and i happen to look up and see a satellite looking, moving object. the in started going to the ground as a shooting star. it was a small ball going to the ground. my mom was telling me about the time a few years back they seen one. she said they looked almost the same, but in different motions. i have no pics…
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Fleetwood, Pennsylvania – 12/02/11
Driving home, at approximately 6:15 pm, a tan colored U-shaped flash appeared in the sky overhead. Phenomena almost appeared as a camera flash, but did not repeat. Sky was clear at the time, and no vehicle was seen. Much larger than any passing plane as viewed from the ground.
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Melbourne CBD Kings Way facing Yarra Promenmade – 2/12/2011
These photos was taken at approx 3.30/4 in the afternoon. The first photo was taken through a glass window in the Melbourne Aquarium on a digital slr camera, the second is a zoomed photo of the first one. The third photo was also taken through a window in the aquarium. The fourth photo was taken from the Kings Way Bridge outside and is zoomed in from an iphone.
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Middletown, Pennsylvania – December 2, 2011
While outside walking my dogs, I noticed a bright starlike object hovering in the southern sky, towards Lancaster County, Pa. around 8:30 pm. I could see a pulsating multicolor display, so later in the evening, about an hour later, it was still there hovering, so I got my girlfriend’s Canon Powershot SLR camera, and videotaped it for 12 minutes. It was still there after I stopped, and noticed it had gradually moved to the western side of the sky by midnight. I’m quite familiar with conventional aircraft’s light display, but this has a more ionic quality to its light signature, as you’ll see in the video. The video was recently uploaded to YouTube along with others taken of similar objects, at the same location, in Middletown, Pa.
Youtube videos:
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Ladysmith, Virginia – 12/2/2011 3:20
so this is a first for me.
i step outside for a smoke. and like always look up at the sky.i see a plane go by and so i look off in that direction. soon after i see a small blink off in the distance. a few seconds later a see it again. really short blinks that dont seem to move very far at all. plus its hard to see as it is. i run inside. grab my hd cam and start filming. all i could pick up was a star off to the right. but all together i saw 9 blinks maybe 6 sec. apart. as far out as a sattelite. it was just moving too slow to be a plane. and not blinking enough. or steadily to be anything ive ever seen. not even a sattelite reflecting sunlight. i even resarched blinking or flashing sattelites and found only the same strange occourance and that sattelites dont have a flash function. they dont need it.
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Over Earth – 02-12-2011

NASA Ustream Live Stream

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Boston, Massachusetts – 12/1/11
For the past 2 weeks now i have been seeing the same ufo out my bedroom window (on the second floor). The ufo is there almost every night but sometimes nothing is there at all. The ufo (or occasionally more than one ufos) is the same as most of the ones on this website. It is very bright and it seems to be blue or white, sometimes it is closer than other times and it is always in different parts of the sky. It is a flashing bright light that looks kinda like a diamond shape. I have not videotaped it or taken pictures because i dont have a good enough camera. I have used binoculars to look at it but still cant see it well enough to make out the shape of a “disc” or anything. I have seen it many different nights and it has done several things that amaze me. One night as i was st! aring at this ufo another flashing light which looked the same suddenly dropped out of the sky and stopped right above the first ufo (this was actually very frightening to me and i didn not sleep that night), most nights i watch it i makes sudden movements just like some of the videos on this website, at first i thought that there was something wrong with my eyes because it seemed to flicker to one side and then move back to its original position in a matter of milliseconds. Another night i was observing it it went from very bright and fairly close and then in about five seconds it started dimming out and disapeared. During the time watching this ufo i have had many sleepless nights, nightmares about ufos, and i have been watching hundreds of ufo videos on the internet ever since. Any time i tell someone about this they just laugh and assume it was a plane but i know what i saw and what i still have been seeing to this day. This ufo has caused me to ask myself many question! .. Why are so many ufos showing up now? Do these so called ext! ra Dimen sional beings have something to do with the 2012 ” apocalypse”? and why if the government knows about this why won’t they tell us whats going on?
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Denver, Colorado Hampden and I-25 – 11/30 9:00 PM
I have to start out by saying that I have never been a strong believer in UFOs around Earth. But last night I was standing outside of ColdStone with my friend walking to my car.He and I both saw a small green orb falling from the sky very quickly going almost straight down. We both watched it for maybe three seconds, then it disappeared.
I am not familiar with UFO sightings, so I have no clue if this sounds like a UFO but it was really odd. No plane would have been going at that angle speeding toward the ground.
I’ll admit that my friend and I got super excited, hopped in the car, and drove toward where we guessed it might have landed. But we found nothing, and ended up getting incredibly lost.
We both have a really weird feeling about it and neither of us have ever really believed in this sort of thing.
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Marion, Illinois by Marion glass – 11/30/2011. 10:00pm
Me and my girlfriend was walking the dogs when she told me to look up and when I did I seen four light across like a wing then it change to a triangle shape 100 or so feet across 500 feet from the ground and there was no sound I live by the airport and see planes all day and hear them what was it ? A UFO………..
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Cleveland Heights, Ohio – 11-30-2011
Please Watch both videos:
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Charlotte, North Carolina – 11/30/2011
It was round like you see on TV the outer circle of the ufo was dark grayish and the inner circle was light silver. At the very back it had a solid bright green light. It seemed to be slowly following my car as I was heading into the parking lot for my apartments and when I slowed to look at it I saw it for 2 or 3 seconds and when I stopped my car and realized it wasn’t a plane or a balloon. it shot off like a rollar coaster and just disappeared. I tried to find anyone else who wouldv’e seen what I just saw but no one else was around. I would love to know if anyone else saw this.
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Scottsdale, Arizona – November 29th, 2011 11:11 PM
These lights are outside literally, every night makes these type of abnormal movements, going left, right, backwards, forwards, flashing like crazy, etc. They reside in the lower atmosphere and I have begun filming them every night that weather permits. This is my latest footage that shows, beyond a doubt, due to the lighting reflecting off of my house, that there is no way possible that these things can be stars. Please take a look and try to get some feedback from your viewers.
Youtube video link:
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Canberra City ACT Australia 2612 – 29/11/2011
My friend Kerri txt me to ask how the storm was in the City, I was trying to take a pic of the lightning and instead I caught this strange shape! I do live near the air port, or it could be a bird? I dont know! Its up for you to decide! It was only half and hour ago!
Either way very cool!

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In sky Sothward From San Pablo, California Bay Area – 11/28/2011
There were a few in the sky but one was brighter and more still than the others. It looked as if it was a saucer shape flahing multiple(pretty)colors purple, white, blue, red, green etc.. very prominant colred lights and it wobbled and flipped and hovered in the sky at one point it looked like a spidersweb of lights and so did some passding by but didn’t stay that way fgor long really weird.
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Denver, Colorado (USA) – 11/28/11
Driving along the highway the other night, I saw a UFO, and stopped to film it. The question I and the 13,000 people who’ve viewed the video have is, is it extraterrestrial or military experiment?
Part 1:
Part 2:
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Chamusca, Portugal – 28 November 2011
[direct translate from Portuguese] Would I could give an explanation? disclose the photos on a social network enjoyed the newest, the mother of a friend of mine claims to have seen more or less the same place something similar a few years ago!
Was in place to write a sms and only had time to open the lens of mobile phone is a nokia N95 if relevant information. also took a 5th photo but have not got anything for the light suddenly disappeared!
193848 is the time of the photo 19h38m48s

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Geelong, Victoria, Australia – 27 Nov 2011
Youtube video link:
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Nov 19/11 – 2:30am
I did not see a UFO but I have been dreaming about sightings that, upon researching after waking up I have routinely come to discover have in fact happened and that I may be leaving my body or taping into a huge energy reserve that I cannot access in waking hours.
I had a dream November 19/2011 that I saw a multi-coloured sun like disk UFO hovering about 200-300 feet above a residential street with the name Adelaide attached to it. At first I thought I was over a street named Adelaide in NY because that is where my dream started. I have never been to NY so you can imagine my surprise when upon investigating the following morning I discovered there was in fact a sighting on such a street in NY on November 11th with video footage that happens to be posted on your sight. I thought that must have been it and I must have experienced a retrospective dream and I was fine with that. However, upon looking on the sight again today I see there was a sighting on the night I had the dream in Adelaide Australia so now I am curious all over again as to which is accurate. Now remember I live in Toronto Ontario Canada, never been to NY USA and never been to Australia. I’m not sure what all this means but the coincidence of the name and date and the record of sightings have lead me to hypothesize that through my dreams I am tapping into information that in a waking state I cannot access. I have had other dreams and will gladly share them if you are interested. I have not spoken to anyone about what I have been experiencing and have been experiencing well over a decade – yet, the activity of my dreams and recall has pretty much gone into overdrive in the past few months.
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Whittier, California 90602 – November 12 2011
Hi, I was dumping my trash. While returning upstairs, gazing at a clear, after rain, full moon or nearly full moon above, when I noticed, in the corner of my right eye while looking slightly eastword, almost straight up at the moon, an object just over my head, westword bound flying in an unusual pattern, slightly wavy. It was large, looked like something you would see in the ocean. Shaped like a rouned rectangle or perhaps the sole of a shoe. Appeared biological, translucent, like a luminous jelly fish but with craft like structure. It looked alive! It really shook me up. I lived here 30 years. LAX is not too far. This is a normal flight path. The jets fly higher and the small planes lower. This was just below the level most jets usually fly. There was a jet up higher, but miles away. This object looked like a translucent colorful aura enhanced bioligical craft. If it was a ship, the aura made it look cloaked, but the mooning light outlined it so you could see it. By the way it only took about 30 seconds to cover one half of the horizon. Faster than the jet flying above it by two to three times the speed. Yet looked like it was moving with the least amount of effort. I did report this to a couple sites. I was interviewed by Mufon on November 24th, 2011. I only repoted it because I was hoping others may have seen it. Case #33552 I researched the net, not the same as the one over Japan or Mexico. But lifelike in a similar way. For three weeks, I havn’t been able to get it out of my mind. I am a professional in the my field. A male aged 60 in good health. My first ever. sighting. G.A. California..10 PM PST November 12th 2011. I fumbled try to catch a picture with my cellphone, no luck. I could draw a picture? Goodday.
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Baton Rouge (between New Orleans) Louisiana – 09-17-2011
Long triangular craft spotted NW of Baton Rouge on September 17, 2011. Observed from balcony of Marriott Courtyard at 40 degree inclination.
Sun was at left of target object at approx 5:17PM CST.
Craft was of unknown origin. Approximately 80-100ft altitude. Was approx 1 mile long fully extended.
Craft was observed perfect still in midair. It was a streak of light and was stationary completely. It did not move. It was simply hovering perfectly without movement.
Craft was observed to glow after 10-12 seconds.
The glow was silent and emitted no audible sounds at all.
The glow slowly bathed the entire craft from its outer perimeter and then enveloped the lower part of the craft and was completely encompassed with the exact same display of luminosity as the sun to its left.
It then slowly disappated within 9-11 seconds.
After this, it remained perfectly solid, but was no longer a long triangular.long pyramid shape. It had changed into a wedge shaped triangle of the same width as before, but the entire length had disappeared.
It was now boomerang shape. It remained stationary in its exact original location as it had appeared as a long triangular version of itself.
It then suddenly went vertical and quickly disappeared. No sound was audible. No glow was evident. It simply moved straight upwards, leaving a small contrail behind on each side which quickly disappated and the craft had gone.
You can contact me at my email address. This event allowed me to understand what I had always been just guessing at before. I attached 3ds max file of the actual object.
I knew if I had raced for my cameras it would have been gone. I was right. All this took place in under 30 seconds. But it last a lifetime.
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Bavaria, Germany – 27.06.2011
I’ve been more than 2 years visual contact with the galactic federation, these recordings I have made ​​themselves, they are real and no tricks …
Youtube video link:
Homo Galacticus
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South Windsor, Connecticut – 11/29/2001
It was bright like a star and had lights of all colors that rotating around it. It wasn’t a normal lights, they were bright and pure. It was moving north to south and then took a left turn at almost a 90 degree turn and stop and reversed course slightly. The light didn’t look like a typical light. It was pure and crystal clear. It was clearly turning about in the sky and had a focus light and it looked around as if it was looking for something. . It focused the light directly at me as if it noticed I was watching it. Then it blacked itself out and then turned back on and it appeared to travel very fast away directly away. I watch it move so fast it faded away. It appeared to be located over Manchester from my view point.
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