UFOs flying close to Bergsjön in Sweden 2-Dec-2011

Latest UFO sightings – These unknown bright objects were recorded in the sky above Bergsjön in Sweden on Friday, 2nd December 2011.

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Witness report: This unidentified craft was sighted somewhere around 18-19 pm, in one of the hills up in Sävedalen close to Ugglums skolan. It flew towards the usual spot where they are seen flying from our home.

1. They are not common airliners going to land in either Landvetter airport nor Göteborg city Airport, since they are not even detected by radar nor the actual software designed by Landvetter Airport itself to keep track of their own flights. Keep in mind that this software even detects, unknown military crafts for example.

2. They are flying to low to be civilian crafts and should therefore be violating altitude laws.

3. They are completely silent or mostly silent, any normal jet or airliner would make our whole building shake at that close range.

4. The nearest airport is over 30 kilometers away from here, it makes no sense at all that they would be using landing lights when they are so far away from the airport.

5. I have been filming and recording these crafts for over 1 years, i got over 240 videos on my channel, so no i did not jump to any conclusions about this being a UFO the first thing i did..

6. UFO means unidentified flying object, i am very aware of that and i know that there is a possibility that this is a black ops craft of some sort which could make it man-made.

7. They are flying way to slow for common airliners or jets, sometimes i am able to run faster than they are flying (and i do not run fast)

8. They sometimes land in forests or mountains.

9. They are being seen and reported all over the world.

10. They can change shape and locations of their blinkers and lights, they can even change their whole structure.

11. We have checked through hundreds of different satellites and their whereabouts, not even one satellite passes by our town our city, so these are not satellites or I.S.S as many seem to believe.

12. We have countless of experiences regarding these crafts, we have both seen them shapeshift on several occasions and we did not jump to any conclusions about this until we saw it with our own eyes.

13. These crafts are usually followed by small orbs.

14. There is no military base nearby, nearest one is 25 kilometers away.

15. I have lived here for over 20 years, i know the surroundings very well and i also know how a normal aircraft looks and have seen them since being a small child.

16. Normal Airliners do not follow the flying routes made by the unknown crafts.
Author (CosmicStarTraveler @ youtube)
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  1. Well I wish I could share you excitement about this clip but it is , unfortunately another airplane. It is on a slow decent coming almost directly at the camera operator. I'm sure if your familiar with that area you will notice an airport close by were the object descends to.

  2. wehillusa:<br /><br />The nearest airport is several kilometers away from Sävedalen, approx 25-30 kilometers. Both the original uploader CST, and myself have checked out most of the recent flights which coincide with the sightings and they are not detected as anything which belongs to either Landvetter airport nor Göteborg City airport. Let me remind you that this software also detects &quot;

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