Triangle UFO over Bergen, Norway – November 2011

Jaime Maussan reports on another triangle UFO sighting which occurred over Bergen, Norway on the night of November 14, 2011. These orbs of light in triangle formation are appearing all over the world. These are not chance sightings. These are intentional appearances. So what is their purpose?
Could it be that people from another planet are trying to slowly and gently wake us up to the reality that we are not alone? Perhaps they wish to make contact with us, but they understand that we are too emotionally fragile to handle a sudden and unexpected visit, and this is part of the process of initiating direct face-face communication.
Do not fear these visitors. These are not the actions of a hostile people. These are the actions of a very wise and benevolent race which understands human psychology very well. The orbs are very non-threatening. They stimulate wonder and discussion. They encourage us to think for ourselves, rather than force the reality upon us in the form of a massive, intimidating ship. They understand we need time to absorb and process this new reality.
But rest assured, they will eventually introduce themselves. So don’t be afraid. Let’s show them that we are ready to meet them. Let’s show them we are ready to take the next step in our evolution. To end our isolation and ignorance. The time for change is now.
Jaime Maussan

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  1. Youuuuuu people think everything is fake..What a FAKE life you must have–reeeeeaaal sorry to say it..If your comment is about the triangle in Bergen,and you think its fake,you are sooo wrong..I know the Norwegen language,and this is for real..No manipulations/photoshop..WAKE UP the sky is completely full of Alien ships allover the planet..Soooo no need to fake anymore..NOT interresting,maybe


  3. Wonderful video!!!!!!!!!!, for me it´s real, not fake. One objec cross a triangle, this the first time that i see something like this.

  4. These type of vids show nothing. Points of light in the night sky are simply not enough to make the leap to &#39;alien&#39;<br />We need a &#39;balls out&#39; day time, close up video.<br />Everyone carries video recorders in their pockets now days yet we still wait for the killer vid.

  5. My only question is this: Why aren&#39;t military planes scrambling to see why unidentified craft are in the air space of each particular country? I see no other planes on these films trying to be protective of the country&#39;s security.Why not?

  6. If someone were to present a &#39;killer vid&#39; the sceptics would denounce it as &#39;Fake&#39; you can&#39;t win with these people!

  7. Free sence ?? +?<br /><br />Nästa steg i i utvecklingen för alla är då att utveckla En ljuscanner för det människan här då hon börjar förstå ?? +?<br />Mikel det vänligen

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